Haaland to Barca, MU and Real Madrid were shocked

The agent – giant Mino Raiola is said to be doing everything to bring Erling Haaland to Barca, in an attempt to replace Luis Suarez.

Erling Haaland’s stormy promotion from Salzburg to Dortmund has made many European giants aim to own a Norwegian striker, in which MU and Real Madrid are mentioned.

Big stork Mino Raiola is reported to be looking to bring Erling Haaland to Barca

Haaland nearly reached an agreement with MU in January last year, but the negotiation finally broke down. It was reported that the big stork Mino Raiola was angry when the Reds tried to ‘go night’ with this striker, instead of having to go through the representative.

As for Real Madrid, it was allowed to propose Haaland to the Bernabeu instead of Benzema. There is information, the Royal team is ready to give up chasing Mbappe to persuade Haaland to land this summer.

However, according to the reputable journalist’s disclosure Oriol Domenech The representative, Mino Raiola, is trying to bring his client to Barca, where the club has yet to fill the position of Luis Suarez, playing alongside Messi.

Haaland to Barca, MU and Real Madrid were shocked
Solskjaer will still regret not being able to bring Haaland to MU

Source The Here We Go Podcast In addition, in Haaland’s current contract with Dortmund no less the release (fee) clause. But it will be activated in 2022 at around 75 million euros. What’s more, Dortmund doesn’t like to sell talent they own not long ago in 2021.

Earlier this month, Mino Raiola denied the news that Haaland had come to Barca, stating that he had not spoken to anyone of Barca.

However, information on the personal page of the journalist Oriol Domenech, this big stork spoke with Josep Maria Minguella, a partner of Barca’s presidential candidate, Emili Rousaud.




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