HAGL: This is what Bau Duc promised, let’s fight hard

Bau Duc announced that he would pay more attention to HAGL’s ‘spiritual child’ with Cong Phuong, Xuan Truong, Tuan Anh … making fans excited with Kiatisuk …

Bau Duc promised to closely observe and care for HAGL again ..

After nearly 2 years, the audience at Pleiku field was excited to see Cong Phuong stand side by side with HAGL in the match against SLNA in round 2 of the V-League 2021.

And for more than a decade, Kiatisuk’s return to the Nui Street team’s training cabin also made HAGL fans excited to fill the “Little Emirates” match last weekend.

The match against SLNA, elected Duc appeared in the stands at Pleiku yard after a very long time

But these comebacks are not worth it by voting for Germany to appear very early and to attend the match. Worthwhile is because it is almost 2 years since the owner of HAGL has been absent from the home team matches, whether important or … fun.

Bau Duc not only watched carefully the progress of HAGL’s match with SLNA, then he also came down to the pitch to congratulate Kiatisuk, Van Toan or comfort Cong Phuong with the striker’s missed situations in the match. 2nd in the new season.

HAGL: This is what Bau Duc promised, let's fight hard
is the driving force for Kiatisuk

Not only by action, at an intimate meal with his associates and friends after the SLNA victory, elected Duc suddenly shared: “For the past four years I neglected the children, I feel guilty, coming here will be deeper” for many people to consider the affirmation that they will love football as the first day of the owner of HAGL.

And in fact, just 2 days after appearing at Pleiku Stadium, the owner of the Nui Street team also suddenly sat on the VIP stands to watch his once blockbuster deal that Lee Nguyen played in the colors of the HCM City club. Fans firmly vote Duc Love again.

HAGL “fight” let’s go

After 2 matches in the V-League 2021, what people see the difference between the HAGL this season and the past is definitely not the result but is in the much higher fighting nature.

The proof for this is nothing better than Minh Vuong’s on-field performance – who once said that correctly reflected the situation of HAGL “spend the youth to stay relegated “ a few years ago.

HAGL: This is what Bau Duc promised, let's fight hard
and the players, with Tran Minh Vuong, are the brightest names towards a successful season with HAGL

It is difficult to deny that Minh Vuong is currently the best and most stable player on the side of the Mountain Street team, not only a goal that created the momentum for HAGL to go upstream against SLNA but also the spirit and attitude of the field. Thai Binh midfielder in recent matches.

Seeing Minh Vuong’s efforts in each ball phase, running, and then “carrying” a lot of work in the midfield of the HAGL in the last few matches is the most obvious difference that the midfielder ever enjoyed by Coach Park Hang Seo compared to before. .

Of course, in HAGL, not only Minh Vuong came into the field with a fighting spirit, but also other names … but obviously Thai Binh midfielder must be used as an example of the story of “spending all youth relegation “before.

At this moment, Kiatisuk is bringing a freshness to the Nui Street team, but clearly elected Duc is the one who fires when he loves and cares about football as before so that the Minh Kings, Cong Phuong, Van Toan … will burn. enough for HAGL fans to spark off.

And where HAGL finishes at the end of the season still has to wait, but the election of Duc loves again from the beginning, the V-League is also fun!

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