Hai Duong agricultural products were stuck, the Ministry of Industry and Trade suggested a faster Covid-19 test for the driver

On February 22, the Ministry of Industry and Trade said, facing difficulties in consumption agricultural In the epidemic zone, especially in Hai Duong province, the ministry has connected major distribution enterprises to coordinate with localities (through the Department of Industry and Trade) to promote consumption of high-yield, harvested agricultural products. have market difficulties.

The people of Hanoi participated in “rescue” Hai Duong agricultural products at the gathering point No. 38 Giai Phong Street – Photo: Ngo Nhung

Specifically, right after Hai Duong province implemented the social gap from 0:00 on February 16, the Ministry of Industry and Trade worked directly with major distribution systems in the North such as Central Group (BigC supermarket chain and Go!); Vincommerce (Vinmart and Vinmart + chains), BRG Retail (BRG Mart supermarket chain), MM Mega Market chain … to purchase agricultural products to ensure food safety and disease safety are currently harvested from farmers, cooperatives and enterprises of Hai Duong province.

However, the Ministry of Industry and Trade said that in the process of implementation, there are some difficulties in the circulation of goods and consumption of agricultural products in epidemic areas, especially Hai Duong province and other contiguous province.

Accordingly, the purchase, transportation and consumption of agricultural products are stuck when traders cannot transport agricultural products due to epidemic prevention regulations in many localities bordering Hai Duong province.

The report of the Department of Industry and Trade of Hai Duong province showed that most of the Covid-19 epidemic control stations and stations at the gateway to and from the neighboring provinces and cities restrict goods vehicles entering and leaving Hai Duong province.

Many vehicles have to wait for a long time, then they are forced to turn around, causing the goods to be congested, agricultural products are damaged, causing many difficulties for the goods to be delivered due for delivery, causing damage to operations. production, business and people’s life.

As reflected from localities and enterprises, the implementation of the request for testing Covid-19 of the Ministry of Health in Official Letter No. 898 / BYT-MT dated 7-2 on guiding epidemic prevention in transporting goods There are many inappropriate points leading to unsold agricultural products for consumption in the domestic market and for export.

The above difficulties and problems directly affect production and business, first of all, Hai Duong province and neighboring provinces and cities. Many goods in Hai Duong are processed products, raw materials assembled in chains at factories in other provinces and cities.

“If these difficulties and problems cannot be solved, the supply chain can be affected, even broken, affecting production, business activities and socio-economic development of many localities” – representative Ministry of Industry and Trade said.

In order to support and facilitate the circulation, import, export and sale of goods, the Ministry of Industry and Trade also petitioned the Prime Minister to direct the Ministry of Health to provide unified guidance on the circulation of people, goods, and There is a convenient way between localities having translation and other localities, avoiding the self-application of each locality as currently.

At the same time, directing and mobilizing units capable of testing Covid-19 to support epidemic provinces to ensure maximum service to the testing needs of drivers and escorts in the shortest time to Minimize congestion in the circulation of goods from the epidemic zone out …

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