Hai Phong isolating people from where COVID-19 is located in Ho Chi Minh City, Hanoi …

Table of temporary guidelines for measures to prevent and control the epidemic COVID-19 of Hai Phong Department of Health issued on May 1-5 – Photo: Hai Phong Department of Health

Specifically, those arriving in Hai Phong from the following locations will be subject to centralized isolation:

– Quan Nhan village (Dao Ly commune, Ly Nhan district, Ha Nam province);

– Alley 77, Pham Dang Giang street (Binh Hung Hoa ward, Binh Tan district, HCMC);

– Hoang Xa village (Tien Tien commune, Phu Cu district, Hung Yen);

– Alley 83, Duc Noi Street, Khu Trung; Lo Giao (Viet Hung commune, Dong Anh district, Hanoi city).

These are areas where localities are applying a zoning / blockade measure to prevent the risk of COVID-19 from continuing to spread.

For those coming from the communes, wards, districts and districts of the above localities, the Hai Phong Department of Health guides the application of measures according to the level of home isolation and only reports and supervises health.

According to the Hai Phong Department of Health, regarding a 2899 patient in Ha Nam, this locality has now identified 4 people traveling on the same VJ3613 flight entering Da Nang airport.

The health sector of Hai Phong took samples and tested, and at the same time put it in isolation for 14 days. These cases of close contact with 4 people also require close medical supervision and home isolation.

Department of Health recommends that those who are staying in Hai Phong, present in flight VJ3613 and flight VJ133 depart from Hanoi to Ho Chi Minh City on April 27 or on passenger car number 43B-048.78 from Da Nang. Hanoi, starting at 20:30 on April 21; Those with close contact with 11 reported cases, close exposure to F1 cases of cases should contact the health station of residence to make a medical report or contact the street phone numbers. hot line: 0978.789.499, 0902.210.218, 0912.498.366 for guidance on prevention and control measures.



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