Health crisis: in Reims, a hairdresser is mobilized for the students

In Reims (Marne), around thirty students will be able to afford a little luxury with a few coins. Against five euros, they have the right to a haircut in the salon of VMap Mapeye. “It feels good to see associations that help students like that, and hairdressers who come together to do good for students “, explains a client. “I was a student like them, except that in my time there was no Covid, so I put myself in their shoes“, explains the solidarity hairdresser.

This outpouring of solidarity was made possible thanks to a student association, the Muslim Students of France (EMF). She helps more than 500 young people in Reims with food, housing, and now the hairdresser. “It is also a question of dignity, (…) being able to present oneself and be clean would not be– what to an interview, since there are many students looking for work in parallel, it is very important“, affirms Cheikh Dieng, president of the EMF branch in Marne.

Between the collection of donations and the distribution of food, operations are multiplying for the students. Sunday February 21, 400 meals were distributed in Reims by the association.

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