Health pass: the government announces concessions before the implementation of sanctions



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Prime Minister Jean Castex spoke on Wednesday, July 21, to refine the modalities around the health pass. Will the government leave a few latitudes, the time to let the population adapt?

The health pass was necessary to access certain places on Wednesday July 21. “The government plays the card of pedagogy, of explanation. In places of leisure and culture, there will be no sanctions for a week for school leaders, to give everyone time to take ownership of these new measures. Same policy at the beginning of August for bars and restaurants “, explains the journalist of France Télévisions Christelle Méral in duplex from the Hotel de Matignon.

It’s a reprieve before possible fines, that’s exactly what happened during the national curfew, to adapt. “To get all these changes accepted, the government is also counting on some relaxation. Thus, in bars and restaurants, at the beginning of August, only the health pass will be requested and not an additional identity document. The application of the health pass for 12-17 year olds is postponed to October “, concludes the journalist.

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