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High-calorie foods that are good for you

When we say that foods are high in calories, we think that they must be unhealthy. The foods we have mentioned are very dense in calories but they are still a healthy diet in moderation. We need at least some dietary fat for our hormones to work properly and to absorb minerals and vitamins. Doctors recommend no less than 15% fat in your diet. Take a look at the following healthiest high-calorie, high-fat foods.

olive oil

Olive oil is the best alternative to margarine and butter, it is very important to consider the size of the portion. A single tablespoon of olive oil has 120 cal. Yes, olive oil is high in fat, it is rich in monounsaturated fats, and it has several health benefits, including maintaining healthy cholesterol levels and reducing the risk of cardiovascular disease, breast cancer, and Alzheimer’s. You can use olive oil with salads, roasted vegetables, and as a replacement for margarine.

Homemade granola

It is one of the foods that have always been classified as healthy. It is important to check the nutritional information on the granola package. It is mostly made with natural ingredients such as oats, nuts and seeds; granola is packed with nutrients. These are high in calories around 300 cal per half cup. Homemade granola is the best way to enjoy it guilt-free. Keep your serving size to ¼ to ½ cup and can be enjoyed with plain yogurt or milk.


Creamy, smooth and nutritious avocado has it all. They are full of vitamin C and K, potassium, fiber and many other nutrients. Half an avocado gives you 15g of good monounsaturated fat, and even though it’s technically a fruit, it has almost no sugar (0.2g per medium). Keep in mind that a whole avocado ranges from 300 to 500 cal.

almond butter

Like granola, almond butter is another nutrient-dense food you can enjoy, but it can be loaded with added sugar and fat. Walnuts are generally high in calories, around 190 to 200 calories per handful. A serving of almond butter (2 tablespoons) has about 4 g of protein, 2 g of fiber, and 18 g of fat. It also has iron, vitamin E and magnesium. A little almond butter goes a long way — one serving has up to 200 calories. Avoid reduced-fat versions of almond butter, because they actually have a higher sugar content. Also, try to buy almond butter with the fewest added ingredients and low in sugar and sodium. Natural brands typically have fewer additives compared to their commercial counterparts.

dark chocolate

Most of us have heard it: dark chocolate is good for you. It is full of nutrients and antioxidants, plus it can help lower blood pressure and can control blood sugar and also improve your mood. A chocolate bar can have around 530 cal. Eat a bar during the week or buy individually wrapped dark chocolate for 50 calories a piece. While these foods are high in calories, they can certainly be part of a diet that promotes health and wellness.

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