Honey is at risk of being investigated against dumping by the US

Day 1-5, talk to reporters Lao Dong NewspaperMr. Le Thanh Van, Vice Chairman of Vietnam Beekeepers Association, said that many honey exporting enterprises are very worried about the US Department of Commerce (DOC) receiving documents requesting anti-dumping investigation. with honey products originating from Vietnam.

“This is the first time that the Vietnamese honey industry has faced the issue of anti-dumping investigation after many years of participating in international trade. The most worrying thing is that the US is holding the largest market share, to more than 85. % of Vietnamese honey; the rest are European (EU) markets and some Asian countries.

We have to encourage businesses to consider this as a normal thing in international trade and a number of other Vietnamese products have encountered to proactively respond. Recently, businesses have been consulted by the Ministry of Industry and Trade, the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development, instructing the process of working with the US side to get the best results “- Mr. Van informed.

Vietnam honey is mainly for export, in which the US is the largest market (illustration).

According to the leaders of the Vietnam Beekeepers Association, the honey export situation with the old contracts is still normal, while the new contracts, importers in the US are considering waiting for the case to progress.

According to the Department of Trade Defense (Ministry of Industry and Trade), the plaintiffs, the American Honey Manufacturers Association and the Sioux Honey Association, are not only requesting an anti-dumping investigation on originating honey products from Vietnam but 4 other countries including: India, Brazil, Argentina, Ukraine.

According to US customs statistics, Vietnam’s honey export turnover to the US market will reach about 50,700 tons by 2020, accounting for about 25.8% of the country’s total honey imports.

According to US regulations, the Department will consider initiating an investigation of the case within a maximum of 20 days from the date of receiving the complaint (April 21, 2021). It is customary for the DOC to send the Quantity and Value Questionnaire the same day as the notice to initiate the case. Firms have about 14 days to complete the questionnaire. The answer to the questionnaire above is mandatory if businesses do not want to be subject to noncooperation tax rates.

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