How did two Ha Tinh girls re-positive for COVID-19 after concentration isolation?

Measure body temperature for passengers at the bus station – Photo: DOÃO HOA

On the evening of May 5, the Center for Disease Control (CDC) in Ha Tinh had an initial report on the schedule of the two girls who were re-positive for COVID-19 after completing the quarantine period to return to the locality. in Thach Ha district.

Patient 1: Ms. NTT (32 years old, female, living in Viet Yen village, Viet Tien commune, Thach Ha district) went back to Dubai on April 13, entered Tan Son Nhat airport and was isolated and concentrated at the City Military School. HCM City along with 4 other citizens.

Two weeks before returning to Vietnam, Ms. T. was tested twice, including one time with positive results for COVID-19.

During the isolation process, Ms. T. was sampled for 3 times (the third time on April 29), all of which were negative for COVID-19. On April 30, Ms. T. ended the isolation, left the quarantine area to take a taxi to An Suong bus station and rented a guesthouse in the area near the bus station.

At 4:00 am 1-5 am, Mrs. T. took the bus Hieu Phuong to Ha Tinh.

Second patient: Ms. NTH (28 years old, from Sam Loc village, Tuong Son commune, Thach Ha district) on March 25 went from Cambodia to Vietnam.

Ms. H. returned to Tay Ninh to report medical, was quarantined at Tay Ninh General Hospital and took a sample to test positive for COVID-19, so she was treated at Tay General Hospital. Ninh.

After 3 negative tests, on April 25, Ms. H. went to Tay Ninh airport in Ho Chi Minh City to play for 3 days.

On April 27, this person flew to Da Nang, rented a hotel (do not remember the name) on Yen Bai Street, Da Nang City. Here, Ms. H. does not contact anyone, wears a mask.

On April 28, Ms. H. went to Da Nang airport to Vinh airport, then relatives picked up and returned by private car.

Ms. H. made a medical report and was instructed to isolate her at her home in Tuong Son commune from April 29. On May 1, Mrs. H. went to her parents’ house in Thach Lac commune (Thach Ha district) and only contacted her father and mother.

After that, Mrs. H. returned to her sister’s house to continue the isolation in a separate room. On 4-5 days, Ms. H. was sampled for the first time and today 5-5 showed positive results for SARS-CoV-2 virus.

Ha Tinh stopped non-essential services from the evening of 5-5

On the evening of May 5, the People’s Committee of Ha Tinh province issued a document to express a proposal to strengthen measures to prevent, prevent and prevent the spread of COVID-19, accordingly. Immediately stop non-essential services for COVID-19 epidemic prevention, including: karaoke service establishments, bars, saunas, massage, beauty salon / spa, haircut, shampoo, translation facility sports (gym, yoga, billiards); points for providing video games, public Internet access points; restaurants / eating and drinking places on the sidewalk …

The execution time starts from 9pm on 5-5 until notification is active again.

The rest of restaurants, cafes and other establishments trading in goods and services are allowed to operate but must ensure the full implementation of COVID-19 prevention and control measures according to regulations. (requires strict implementation of the 5K regulation, especially mandatory to wear a mask, wash hands with antiseptic; participants must make a minimum distance of 1m; encourage home delivery; establishment owners must record and save keep all information of all employees, customers …).



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