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How to deal with a contractor who constantly lies to you

One of the biggest problems with any business relationship is dishonesty. I have dealt with my fair share of dishonest people, including my ex-wife. There is nothing worse than someone lying to you or trying to convince you that something else is true.

I don’t need to say this more than once, but a contract is often the best way to deal with dishonest contractors or landlords. If you have enough good information within your construction contract, it will definitely limit the number of problems you have while working on the project.

If the contract specifies a certain toilet and includes its model number, this will generally eliminate any issues the two parties may have.

One of the worst things I have had to deal with in business is dishonest contractors and customers. I have had my fair share of each of them lying to me on a regular basis. I’ve had contractors tell me they didn’t owe me any more money and once had to provide a year’s worth of paperwork just to receive $8,000.

A construction contract is one of the best ways to deal with dishonest contractors, but I’d like to give you something else to think about. If you find a contractor who is lying to you, make sure you never work for them again and it wouldn’t be a bad idea to share this information with other contractors.

It’s not hard to find honest contractors to work with, but when you find contractors who don’t think twice about lying to you, you can eliminate the whole problem, if you don’t work for them again.

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