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How to develop confidence in basketball that rules the court like the stars

Congratulations. Take a couple of seconds to pat yourself on the back (3 times). Move along. Should. There is no one looking. “Rali, why should you pat me three times on the back?

That’s easy … by reading this article, you have just placed yourself in the top 10% of the world’s best basketball players who actively seek advice, tactics, knowledge, and experience on how to improve their basketball skills and produce better “in results”. court.

I know reading an article doesn’t sound like much, but it shows commitment, desire, and interest in improving your game and becoming the basketball player you know you can be. (Very few players show this and have this kind of mental attitude)

Think about it, on a given basketball team, how many players have personal trainers / trainers? How many have basketball improvement DVDs or books at home? How many players have attended basketball camps and clinics to learn the game-changing secrets of basketball?

It is 10%. That’s. I know because I did the research. I have had a basketball transformation company for 6 years and those are the numbers. You are now in that top 10% of the world’s most committed, determined, and unique basketball players. And that’s why you should pat yourself on the back.

So let’s get started with the secrets and tactics I’ve used to help players who lack confidence transform their game, break their fears, and easily develop unstoppable confidence in All-Star basketball.

In this article, I’m going to show you 2 things:

First, the real reason behind your lack of self-confidence, what is causing you to refrain from throwing the ball or making a play, and the mental reason why you are afraid of making mistakes on the court.


Second, how you can easily develop unstoppable confidence in basketball so that you can step out onto the court and produce the basketball results you’ve been imagining in your head (dominating the game, making all-star plays, scoring 20 points per game or more. , and wink at the cute cheerleader on the sideline in style =)

Self-confidence in your soul is equivalent to gasoline in your car, without it you will go nowhere. Lack of self-confidence will take you to the bench or, worse, to the stands. It is vitally important that you know these secrets so that you can develop your self-confidence like a star.

Are you ready to inject a dose of “mental confidence” into your game and your life?


So have you realized that you don’t have confidence on the basketball court? That is a bitter feeling. I know how you feel, I’ve been there myself. Now, let’s take a look at what’s really going on and how you can easily destroy your lack of self-confidence forever.

What you really mean when you say “I’m not confident” is “I’m not sure.”

You see, certainty is one of the 6 human needs that we all MUST have in order to live well and function functionally. When he’s absent, all sorts of weird nonsense happens in our heads (including a lack of self-confidence).

You are not sure what will happen in your next game. You are not sure if you are going to make your next shot. You are not sure if you are on the basketball team. You are not sure you are making the correct move.

You see, all that really is a lack of self-confidence is a lack of certainty. Here is a real life example:

If you take a look at where you are right now, while reading this article, take a look at the ceiling above your head. You are absolutely sure that the roof over your head will not collapse. You are sure that it will not collapse or fall. You are sure that you are safe. If you weren’t sure about the roof over your head, would you ever get close to it? Would you ever walk under it? Would you ever put your bed under her?

I do not believe it.

The same rules apply to you and your game of basketball. Your lack of confidence in yourself is actually a lack of certainty. The only reason you hold back is because you have no certainty. Lack of certainty is the only reason you are not the basketball player you want to be.

Well, we have identified the problem, that is good, but it does not produce changes. Only the solution produces change. Let’s see the real solution to destroy your fear and lack of self-confidence once and for all.

First, don’t take your lack of uncertainty personally. It has nothing to do with you. It has everything to do with your future. Your future is always unknown. It is always uncertain. The only reason you lack self-confidence on the basketball court is because you are focusing your thoughts on your fears. You’re thinking about what you don’t want to happen.

But it is not personal. Brush it off and say, “I’m not sure what will happen tomorrow, I’ll do my best and chase my dream anyway.”

Second, stop focusing on what you fear. Fear represents Fthe rest meevidence TOappearing Real. Having your mind focused on your fear is the fastest way to develop a lack of self-confidence. There is a successful saying that goes something like this: “You become what you think about.”

If you don’t believe it, look in the mirror and see if everything you think you are is reflected on you. How do you think you look? What you believe You become the literary in what you think.

You see, the mind is a goal-striving mechanism, what you think about yourself produces it. What you focus on becomes your reality. What you believe becomes true. What you pay attention to becomes important and intensifies.

Third, reduce the intensity in your mind of how important it is to produce whatever results you want to produce on the basketball court. Ask yourself, “From a 1 to 10, how important is it that I do it___”. If you lack self-confidence, I’m sure that number is at least 7 or higher.

How much would you think about it if it was just a 3 or less? Would you still be afraid of messing up or making a mistake?

No, you wouldn’t mind. And that is the attitude you should adopt. You have to know exactly what you want. Make a serious commitment to get what you want. Work hard and learn the secrets and tips that others have used before you to create a similar result. And do your best when you call their number and an opportunity presents itself.

But, with understanding, as you pursue your dream, you will make mistakes. They are unavoidable. You’re going to screw it up. Don’t take your faults or mistakes personally. A mistake is a teacher. A mistake is a learning experience.

When you make a mistake or make a mistake, acknowledge it, don’t take it personally, and understand the correction you need to make to ensure that you never do it again. Mistakes are not bad, but making the same mistake over and over is mental suicide.

My last suggestion for you is that you stop comparing yourself, your talent and where you are now in your career with others. When most players feel inadequate or lack self-confidence, self-comparison with other players is often lurking. It is a destroyer of dreams.

The only person you need approval of is yourself. Now if you live with your parents, there are some rules that I’m sure you should follow, but don’t seek approval from anyone else. And never compare yourself to other basketball players. You have no idea how long they have been playing. How much training they have had, how many hours a week they spend working on their game, or from whom they have learned and from whom they have been trained.

Comparing yourself is ridiculous. It won’t make you better. If you want to make a goal to get to the level of the game another player is playing, by all means go ahead. Choosing another player as your target and saying that you want to be better, or as good as him or her, is healthy. But comparing your game and talent with that of another player is disastrous.

Do not do it.

I just shared with you some of the secrets I have used to transform ballplayers so that they can achieve their goals of being a star and playing college ball. The secrets I just revealed are easy and straightforward. Don’t take them for granted. Anything complicated is usually too difficult to incorporate. It’s the simple secrets that make an incredible change in your game.

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