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How to Gain 29 Pounds in 29 Days (True Story)

If you want to gain weight quickly, pay close attention to the story of Joe Hise.

Back in 1932, long before steroids were invented, Joe Hise gained 29 pounds in just 29 days.


That’s what most people thought. So Joe started teaching his methods to other people. These are their results:

Mark Berry: Gained 50 pounds in 6 months.

Roger Eels – Gained 35 pounds of muscle in one month.

Norman Fay: Increased body weight from 156 pounds to 185 pounds in 30 days.

So how does this plan work?

In this plan, you will train three times a week on non-consecutive days. So, for example, Monday, Wednesday and Friday.

You will only perform three exercises: the standing barbell curl, the military press, and the squat with 20 reps breathing.

The 20-rep breathing squat is a normal barbell squat, but you only perform an intense set of 20 reps. Between each repetition, you will take 3 deep breaths, completely filling your lungs with air with each breath.

This is the key to the entire system, as the breathing squat forces your body to adapt and build muscle mass at an incredible rate.

This basic exercise may seem too simple at first, but this exact plan has been transforming lean into very muscular men for decades.

To make sure your body has the proper amount of protein and calories needed to build muscle and gain weight, trainers of yesteryear who followed this plan would drink a gallon of whole milk each day.

So if you need to gain muscle body weight quickly, try this simple training plan for a month. Work hard and you too could gain a whopping 29 pounds of muscular body weight in just 29 days.

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