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How to have sex with a woman – 4 easy steps

When it all comes down to it, pleasing a woman in bed isn’t that difficult. Many men feel like they have to learn complicated techniques and read tons of books to figure out the exact angle or position to have sex with a woman. But all that is not necessary. If you follow four easy steps, your success with sex will increase exponentially.

The first and foremost thing to remember about sex with women is that it’s all about anticipation. I can’t stress enough the importance of giving your wife at least an hour of foreplay. You want me to beg you to have sex with her. And I mean it literally, you want her to ask you to have sex! You want me to grab you and put you inside her. When you do, you know you’ve built up the right amount of anticipation. The greatest enemy is yourself. Be patient, have self-control. Let her decide when it is time to move on to the next step.

The second thing that almost all men don’t take into account is that sex between women is 90% mental. If you have trouble getting a woman to climax during sex, you probably won’t seduce her with your words. Sex experts tell us that the largest sexual organ of women is their brain and, as men, we should use it to our best advantage. You need to talk to her in a sexual way. Tell her that she is beautiful, that her body turns you on, that you care about her, and that you love how she feels in your arms. You’ll also want to take her on an emotional roller coaster before and during sex. In a playful way, you can even scare her by playfully grabbing her by the wrists and pinning her against the pillows while giving her a dirty look when she tries to touch you. Then as you lean over and bite her neck, you can whisper something like, “Bad girl!” Then you can gently kiss her on the neck while sliding your fingertips down the inside of her arms, chest, and stomach. Then you can learn and whisper, “You are adorable.” This will take her from being (playfully) scared, to feeling helpless, to feeling adored. This is the perfect emotional roller coaster to create during sex.

The third thing to consider is your touch. Your touch should start out soft. Pretend that you are touching the soft skin of a newborn. Slide your fingers all over his body. Touch her face, run your hand around the back of her neck, and gently grab her hair. Use your body to apply pressure to your body. Have her wrap her legs around her lower back and move her to a different spot on the bed with her arm under her back. Make her feel vulnerable, feminine, manipulated. Use all your limbs and kiss her in places where she has never been kissed before. Have her lie on her stomach with her body propped up on her elbows and gently caress her breasts while kissing the middle of her upper back down to her neck. Kiss the edge of her ear and breathe out gently as you slide your hand down her inner thigh. Spell words on his back with your fingertips and tell him to guess what they say. Lick her insides of her thighs, make her back arch and her face sweat with your caresses and kisses. Do it for about an hour and she will remove your underwear and beg you to have sex with her. Then say “NO!” while you playfully immobilize her and make her wait even longer. Then, just when you know she can’t wait another minute, slide inside her slowly and deliberately.

The fourth step is to control your lunges. When you first enter a woman, keep anticipation at its peak. Just put the first inch or so in, and slowly move it in and out as you position yourself over her and look her in the eye. When he can’t take it anymore, he’ll push his hips into you to get him fully in. Then, put all your weight on it and slowly take it out almost all the way and then put it all the way back in. Maintain a slow and steady pace at the beginning of sex. Angle your thrusts so that your head brushes the top of her canal to stimulate her G-spot. Make sure your pelvic bone separates from hers and then make a grinding contact again on the hit. This will stimulate her clitoris and bring her to orgasm. Let her be the barometer of your stroke. Some women like it more than others, so read their reactions. But keep the anticipation in place, don’t get greedy. Often the hardest thing men can do during sex is control themselves. But you must be strong during sex, do not get too carried away until she has already had her orgasm. Focus fully on your enjoyment, but don’t make it obvious. Never, under any circumstances, mention that you want to give her an orgasm. Pressure to make a girl cum during sex is the best way to prevent this from happening, so don’t mention it! Keep the mood light and fun at times and passionate and heavy at others. For your energy in her body and adores every inch of her. Be there completely, focus all your attention on it. Maintain a steady pace as you take her up the mountain to orgasm.

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