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How to pick up girls during the cold, gray, stay-at-home winter season

If you live in a cold city, you have probably noticed that people tend to socially hibernate during the winter season. I knew that very well as I lived most of my adult life in Chicago. In my opinion, there is no better city in the world to pick up girls during the summer in Chicago, it is like a mecca for beauties. However, as the months move into fall and then winter, the nightlife slowly declines. Bars that were packed shoulder to shoulder in July become ghost towns in January. I don’t blame anyone either. Walking to the bar in 3 degree weather, with the bitingly cold wind hitting your face, trying not to slip on your butt with all the sleet on the ground…NOT FUN! When you’re curled up in a warm bed watching Family Guy, it feels like a better option.

Consequently, most of the boys leave when winter comes. It is too easy to be lazy. This is a big bug that can really impact your development. The progress that was being made during the summer and fall disappears once you take a 4-month leave of absence. Once you’re out picking up girls in the spring, it feels like you’re starting over. So treat winter as you would summer. Keep getting your butt out of the house and meet as many women as you can.

Since nightlife takes a hit during the winter months, your game plan should change with the season. In this article, I have outlined some killer strategies on how to pick up girls during the cold, gray, stay-at-home winter season.

Find a rotation during the fall

For many guys, winter season = bridal season. It’s so damn convenient to be in a relationship when the weather is below freezing. Again, dealing with the bar scene during the winter is not the most fun in the world. When you’re sitting at home in your underpants staring at the snow like there’s no tomorrow, calling a girl and relaxing at home is just too convenient. In fact, this is something I would recommend if you are in a position to do so. It’s okay to sit back and reap the rewards of your work during this time.

During the fall, the transition from the woman you are seeing to the state of a girlfriend begins. If you don’t want a girlfriend, start creating a solid rotation of girls to “hang out” with, preferably at least 3.

Online dating is key

If you’re not in a position to have a “winter girlfriend” and are looking to meet new women, online dating is one of the best routes you can take. You will be able to meet a plethora of new girls during the cold winter months in the comfort of your warm home. There are millions of women who are just as lazy as you to deal with the cold and are also looking to meet a new partner during this time of year. In fact, online dating services get their peak activity from users in the months of November to February, with the Christmas/New Year season being the highest. This can be a gold mine for meeting women, so take advantage of it.

Popular bars of the week

Although the bar/club activity bottoms out in the winter, there is usually at least 1 spot every day of the week that is still popular. You practically have no choice but to go to these places during this time.

Find out where the drink specials are because that’s where people will go. Dealing with the weather sucks, but the motivation to go out kicks in once people find out there’s a bar that serves $1 beers. I’ve been to bars where it was packed even when it was practically a blizzard outside just because the drink special for the night was so good. Go to metromix.com and find where the best drinks deals of the week are. Most likely, there will be a good amount of women gathered in these places.

work with what you have

This is not the time to be picky about the women you approach. I’m not saying throw your standards out the window and start dating fuglies, but you have to work with what you’ve got. This is not the summer where there is an endless supply of women to go to. Winter is a different ball game and you won’t have as many opportunities to get close. So take advantage of every opportunity that comes your way.

As long as there are 1 or 2 women in the place, that’s all you need to work. Get up and go talk to them. I’ve seen a lot of success in places where it was a hardcore sausage fest and there were only a handful of women to talk to.

Work your daytime routine

Since the night scene is often non-existent, make the most of your daytime routine. On your way to and from work, there are LOTS of women walking by that you can approach. If you work in a large office building, try to meet new women in the common area during your lunch hour. You’ll find at least a few cute girls to talk to at the supermarket, especially on weekend nights.

During the Christmas season, shopping malls are filled with women buying gifts. Approach them and ask them to help you choose a gift for your little nephew. Health clubs are packed with women, especially during the winter. Right after New Years, EVERYONE is trying to shed those extra pounds from parties, so you can meet more women there than in a nightclub.

If you want it bad enough, you will find a way to pick up girls during this time. When I was working on this, I looked at ANY part of my day as an opportunity to meet women, no matter how ridiculous. I remember being in a traffic jam on the highway and seeing a cute girl next to my car. I would tell him to roll down her windows and start talking to her right then and there. For me, as long as there was a woman in my vicinity, I had no excuse not to make it happen.

Use the weather to your advantage

Cold weather can be used to your advantage. Since it’s so annoying to walk outside, this is a perfect excuse to stay indoors. If you meet a woman, tell her to meet you at your house. Since the weather sucks, say “Yeah, I don’t feel like dealing with all the cold right now, let’s just watch a movie.” Think about it, the fact that she is in your house is much closer to the room than if you were in a Starbucks. Often times, the most important logistics you have to work with is simply getting them into her house in the first place. This is not a problem when the weather sucks.

Don’t stop get it get it

The most important point is to NOT STOP what you are doing during the winter season. Boys naturally get lazy and want to stay indoors when the weather starts to get colder. This can kill any progress you’ve made and leave you just as bad with women come spring. I’ve given you enough ways to pick up girls during the winter season in this article so you have ZERO excuses not to get off your butt and start having fun. Once you do, you’ll often find that the winter season really is the season for giving…and receiving. 🙂

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