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How to remove adhesive from chamois

There’s no doubt that duct tape was one of the greatest inventions of the 20th century, especially duct tape that can hold anything but a 747. However, when you need to remove duct tape from your suede jacket or sofa, it certainly is a “sticky” situation.

Step 1

Slowly and carefully remove the adhesive from the suede surface, using your fingertips to gently remove as much as possible. If you bite your nails, you can use a spoon instead. Once you have removed as much adhesive as possible from the chamois, using an artgum eraser, which is a white eraser, rub the surface to remove any remaining adhesive residue.

Step 2

Use a nail file to sand the surface lightly in case there is a bit of adhesive stubbornly stuck to the chamois. If you don’t have a nail file, you can use fine sandpaper (6/0 – 8/0). It is important to proceed slowly to avoid removing the chamois and leaving a “bald spot” on the surface of your prized item. Also, don’t press too hard when using the sandpaper, otherwise you could easily create a hole, which is much worse than adhesive.

A few brave ones have tried and indicated that they were able to remove the adhesive using the common petroleum based can oil spray used for squeaky doors. However, experts generally recommend against applying chemicals to suede. Before trying this on the affected area, first test it on a hidden area to confirm that it will not leave an unattractive stain or discolor the item. Spray it on a cloth and rub the chamois with it. Allow to dry for five to fifteen minutes or until the adhesive softens. With a clean cloth, wipe away the oil, repeat to clean the entire area. It is suggested to use a circular motion when attempting to clean the surface with the multipurpose product.

Another tactic is to place a cotton cloth over the affected area and then rub an iron over the cotton cloth alone. This should melt the adhesive and the cotton will absorb it. Move the cotton to a new area that you need to remove.

Stage 4

Brush the nap of your favorite suede item with a suede brush after you’ve removed the adhesive. It is important to remember that suede has what is called a natural imperfection surface.

Additional Tips and Hints

If your item is too expensive or too precious, consider hiring a professional to handle the project for you.

Now keep in mind that the next time you attend a networking event or conference in your favorite suede jacket, if they offer you a name tag sticker, just say no!

required objects


Artgum eraser (white eraser)

emery board

Fine grit sandpaper (6/0 – 8/0)

Petroleum Based Oil Spray Can

Cotton clothes


suede brush

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