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How to Survive a Dominant Wife Using These 3 Proven Ways

There is an old joke about how a married couple goes to Hawaii for their honeymoon. In her room, the husband takes off his pants and says “get in those pants.” The wife looks at her husband and says “honey, they are too big.” “That’s right,” says the man, “now you know who wears the pants in this family.” The wife takes off her pants and says to the husband “put these pants on.” The husband replies “honey, these are too small; I can’t get into your pants.” The wife says “that’s right, and if you keep that attitude, you never will.” Does this sound like your situation? Maybe yours is a really domineering wife who constantly disrespects you, maybe even in front of your friends. Does she hit you or slap you in the face? Have you done it in front of your friends? Our wives agreed to become one with us, to support and strengthen us in health and disease, right? How does that build a family when the woman morally destroys her man? If you feel like you may be having trouble in this area of ​​your marriage, read on.

You may have heard this before about “A woman needs love as much as a man needs respect.” In fact, this is a true statement. For a man it is more important to be respected than loved. However, now, in our equal rights society, many men have forgotten what it means to be a man and many women have forgotten how to treat their men. Your wife may be struggling to get your attention and found a negative channel to get that attention; She might be jealous of your success and regrets having to stay home with the kids while you “run away” for 8 hours; Perhaps his self-esteem is so low that it destroys you to build you up; or another very common reason is that it begins to worry only about itself.

There are several studies that show that the level of accomplishment or success that a man can achieve both financially and in the family is directly related to the support of his wife; and respect is at the heart of the problem. Human beings are built with requirements for emotional support systems. We have all heard of Hitler’s horrible experiments in which certain babies were ignored … they only performed basic feeding and diaper changes but were not shown love, no kisses or hugs, not even spoken to. All of these babies died within 6 months for no real reason, except for the lack of love in their lives. Men need that channel of support too or they can quickly lose focus on the task at hand or prioritize incorrectly. A man with a supportive wife can accomplish ten times more than he could accomplish on his own. However, a man with a morally destructive wife will achieve ten times less than even if he were alone. If you are one of those with a dominant wife, think about your job performance, when was the last time you had a successful idea or, for that matter, got a promotion? Are you close to your children? Do your kids even love you? What about her? These are all symptoms of a fierce destroyer of a family.

Now let me clarify this, there are men who take this issue too far and demand that respect inappropriately. If your girl is like the one in that joke, then you have a decent relationship and this article isn’t really for you. However, there are women who cross the line and really dominate the family to such an extent that that house and family becomes a nightmare for everyone involved. So how do you fix it? The very difficult first step is to get him to stop doing the things that disrespect you the most; like slapping you in the face. You will need to prepare for this. Get a gym membership right away. If your wife’s finances are tight, borrow a co-worker’s card. You’ll need to limit yourself to about 20 minutes of jogging and pumping the iron, plus another 10 minutes for showering and putting on your work clothes. Use the money she gives you for snacks at work for your public clothes washer and dryer. This begins to rebuild your self-confidence; Although, if you can find a way to keep $ 50 per month, then you can join a karate gym and build that self-confidence even faster. To tell her to stop doing those things, you’ll need a lot of that self-confidence that she so effectively destroyed years ago. You may also need to have the physical strength to prevent her from hitting you, or in the worst case, you will need that karate you learned to defend yourself against her. The first step now is to make him stop and realize that he will no longer tolerate certain behavior that bothers him. You must learn to find ways to let her know when certain things she does make you feel disrespected, and you must do it in a way that makes her notice. One of my favorite ways is in this joke. A wife was preparing a fried egg breakfast for her husband. Suddenly her husband burst into the kitchen. “Watch out,” he said, “WATCH OUT! Put a little more butter! You’re cooking too many at once. TOO MANY! Flip it! TURN IT NOW! We need more butter. WHERE are we going to get MORE BUTTER? ? ” Watch out! WATCH OUT! I said BEWARE! You NEVER listen to me when you’re cooking! Never! Flip them over! Hurry up! Don’t forget to salt them. You know you always forget to salt them. Use the salt. USE THE SALT! THE SALT! “The wife stared at him.” What the hell is wrong with you? You think I don’t know how to fry a couple of eggs? “The husband calmly replied,” I just wanted to show you how it feels when I drive. “

Although getting here is likely to lead to a fight, this wife clearly saw that her husband was very upset about her disrespectful behavior in the car. You must become like this. Not a jerk, but a person who has a backbone and can disagree with his wife and, most importantly, make the final decision in that situation. I would advise you to spend three to six months in the gym (depending on how much self-confidence you need) before telling him to stop being disrespectful.

The second step is to take responsibility and start making decisions that positively affect the family. Learn things you don’t want to learn, like finding the best quality car for your budget and buy it no matter what she says. In a healthy relationship, you usually want both people to agree on a car, so tell him several times beforehand that you are thinking that this car will be the best for the family. Now make sure you buy that car (she can pick the colors if you have that option). Research indicates that although women will push their boundaries with their men, a man must have boundaries that cannot be crossed, where a man will stand unshakeable and say that this is what our family is doing. If a man doesn’t have that line, a woman can never really respect him, even if she really wants to. A man must be in charge, but that man must also realize that being in charge does not mean delegating all the work to your wife and yourself doing nothing or, at the other extreme, doing all the work yourself and not involving her. In nothing. It is best when you involve the wife in family finances, it helps you prioritize the budget, but again, you have to make the final decisions in all those areas, no matter how many complaints or grievances she brings up. No, she can’t go out with her friends if you have $ 50 left for gas and food for the whole week. As nice as that shirt may seem to you, it should be included in the budget before you buy it. There are many more examples that you probably already have in mind.

The third is finding the right social group. Yes, that means your friends must change. If in your social group it is acceptable for your wife to slap you, or there is no one who has the balls to confront your wife and tell her that her behavior is wrong, then your “friends” do not deserve that title, the acquaintance is more suitable. This does not mean that your friends do all the work for you, no, you still HAVE to follow steps 1 and 2 above. However, when you are with your friends, they should speak up when your wife shows slapping or other disrespect. Your wife must be ashamed of your behavior in a social setting. If you have the confidence and courage to deal with the fight later, a great thing to do is socialize with the other women in your social group. Not social to the point of being offensive, but enough to activate the jealousy button on your wife. This automatically creates an atmosphere in which your wife worries about losing you and therefore becomes more protective and affectionate towards you. In this case, it is important to remember that when the fight happens (and it is very likely, especially after the third or fourth time she notices this new behavior on your part) never, never, never tell her why they are being so sociable with other women. Doing so will backfire and send the entire process back to the beginning or even worse.

This is a process that can take months, even years to complete, but now you have the necessary steps to turn your horrible situation into one that can bring true satisfaction, true love, and true success. Your home can now be a place you long to go, rather than a place you fear. Today is the day to do this. Don’t wait any longer. Go find that coworker who has a gym pass right now. Remember that we were created to enjoy and love our lives, not to hate them or simply to survive.

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