“I’m an intense person”: the humor monologues on Twitter by Germán Sánchez

In just over a minute and a half, Germán Sánchez (known as @gersanc_ on Instagram and Twitter) condenses through videos different personal experiences of the most varied. Their stories, like the one of the day her nipple almost fell off from rubbing against her shirt or another about how he got into the car of a stranger who he thought was his uncle, have become popular in recent months thanks to being – as he defines himself – a silly person and his doses of humor mixed with his intensity. His incident with the car, for example, has already reached more than 600,000 reproductions on Twitter.

Ideas for his videos emerge, as he explains to Verne over the phone, of thoughts and experiences he normally shared with his friends. “I am very intense, now I record it on video, but I have been giving the tabarra to my acquaintances all my life,” he explains. In one of his videos, titled I am a person: intense. I admit it, Sánchez parodies precisely this aspect of his personality. “When I have a drama it is not a drama, it is an event that could end my life in a matter of seconds. Like the Yatekomo, instantly,” he says in this monologue that has already accumulated more than 400,000 views.

This Madrid native has been uploading the most diverse content to YouTube for more than six years, where he has spoken from how hooked he was to Triumph operation until of the three times that it got to suspend the driving license. However, it was as a result of a one-minute video that he made on another Twitter account – already deleted – that he realized that this one-minute formula could work. “I made a plea on Halloween about why people didn’t have to dress up as clowns. There are people like me who hate them and, when we were shocked when we saw them, we could attack them ”, he laughs. Although he disassociated himself from this account because “he was having a bad time”, during this quarantine he wanted to resume the videos and upload them, in addition to Twitter, to Instagram. In this last social network he also does numerous live shows.

The first of this new batch of videos that became popular for him was precisely one in which he talked about quarantine. “I did it to express how surreal everything seemed to me, and to ask 2020 to stop a bit because I didn’t have time to assimilate so much information,” he says. However, when he talks about his favorite videos, he mentions two others. The first one, being an intense person: “He is one of the ones that defines me the most. Above, Paula Gonu [influencer con dos millones de seguidores] uploaded it to his stories on Instagram and it worked very well, and you also love him for that. ” The other, in which he narrates the bleeding scratch that occurred on his nipple while doing sports: “It is a story that whenever I tell it to people they laugh a lot, on top of that it is too surreal an experience and a humor very mine” says the tweeter.

The fact that Ana Milan discovered what he was doing on social networks was also a very intense experience for him. “I went into a mental collapse, I felt like I was going to have a stroke, I couldn’t believe it. I wanted to tell her that I loved her but I didn’t want to harass her either, “he explains. After a few brief interactions on Twitter, the actress decided to one day join one of her popular Instagram live shows. “I have not even wanted to see him again, I feel like I was a pathetic person, but I was very excited and she is a character who has always inspired me,” says Sánchez. Although the interpreter likes her “overwhelming character”, in comedy she finds inspiration in people such as “the humorist Eva Hache, Mauri and Belén from the series There is no one living here or the actress Antonia San Juan ”.

Currently, Sánchez is at home – where he lives with his parents – teleworking from his position in the communication department of a company. This fact has allowed him to have “more time to make the videos”, but from now on he considers “space them a bit because it does not give him life.” While creating content on Twitter and YouTube, he will combine it with his normal work, although he maintains that he “would love to professionalize it.” “I really like to do things through comedy but I know it is a difficult and unstable world, so at the moment I do not look much to the future and I will continue doing it as I can because it amuses me a lot,” says the tweeter.

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