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I’m jealous of my ex-girlfriend’s new boyfriend! How to get rid of those feelings now

You are jealous of him. He’s the new guy in your ex-girlfriend’s life. You’ve been dreading this moment, haven’t you? Waiting for the day that I would find someone to replace you. Now you are trapped with an endless feeling of jealousy as she seems to be moving forward unapologetically. How did this happen to you? How did you go from being her partner to dreading the idea of ​​her with this new man? You must realize right now that it is much more about you than it is about your ex or current boyfriend. It is your own fault that you are experiencing this so it is up to you to change it and the sooner the better.

Jealousy is really an unpleasant emotion. Most of us believe that it comes from a place of deep love and devotion. After all, you feel jealous because you don’t want your ex to be with this new guy, right? You love her so much that the idea of ​​another man making her happy drives you crazy inside. To the uninformed eye, that looks like something out of a romantic fairy tale. The story about the despised lover who can’t bear to let his wife be with another man, so in his jealous rage he pursues the new man in his life and the maiden falls into the arms of her former lover because she finally realizes just how deep is his devotion. careers. It sounds great as a narrative, but it doesn’t really work that way. Jealousy actually makes a person seem mean and insecure. Is this really how you want your ex to see you?

You cannot keep walking with this veil of jealousy over your head. The fact is, you’ve gone ahead and chosen someone new. Acceptance is your best friend right now. You need to put aside the idea that you can berate him or make him look insignificant in her eyes so that she will want you to come back. That will not work. It will only help you look pathetic, desperate, and threatened by the new guy.

There is a lot of power in kindness and support. My best advice to you is to call or text your ex girlfriend and tell her that you heard that she is dating someone new. This may put you off because you will anticipate a verbal attack from your new boyfriend coming from you on the not-too-distant horizon. Show him that you are much better than that. Tell her that you are very happy for her and that you have only heard great things about her. You may have to grit your teeth as you form the words and let them roll off your tongue, but do it. The instant you say it, you will feel an emotional release. You will feel empowered by your actions.

By being the biggest man in this triangle equation, you will impress your ex-girlfriend much more than if you had told her that her new boy was wrong for her. In fact, you are telling her that you want the best for her. Every woman wants to hear that from an ex. It shows how compassionate, mature and emotionally evolved he is. By letting her go and doing it with dignity and consideration, you will keep a place in her heart forever. You will always be the ex boyfriend who acted like a true selfless gentleman.

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