Increase space with Amazon’s best-selling double-height sink shelf

Do you have a small kitchen and you no longer know where to place pans, glove boxes or cleaning products? It is likely that you have tried, without success, to find free places in drawers, on top of a shelf or by storing numerous junk ones on each other. Space is always one of the elements that we value the most in the home and an essential to maintain order in the kitchen. Therefore, you always have to create spaces from scratch or take advantage of those that go unnoticed: such as the hole under the sink. A place to which we will give a second life with the shelving for this type of cabinets, the best-selling in Amazon.

It is a product that gathers more than 400 evaluations and a very high average note: 4.5 out of 5 stars. It takes first place in the section of Kitchen storage under the sink on the platform, and among the positive characteristics highlighted by users who have already tried it, these four can be highlighted: ease of assembly, its high resistance, the comfort when using it and the value for money. And all for less than 25 euros.

“As shown in the photograph it has been perfect, being possible to save the drain and allowing to take advantage of the space under the sink. It is very easy to assemble ”, explains a buyer. If you want to know more details about the product and take advantage of this forgotten place in the kitchen, we will tell you below:

Shelving for sink hole

“Just great! It comes very well packaged. It can be assembled in five minutes and fits very well in any space. I am delighted that I can make the most of the space under the sink,” comments this user.

Buy for € 20.25 on Amazon

The multipurpose shelf is available in four colors and for sale on Amazon

Adjustable in width and height according to our needs

One of the factors that stand out most buyers of this shelf is its versatility and how easily it adapts to all types of spaces. You just need to play with the width (with a width of 44 to 82 cm) and the height (from 28 to 39 cm) by removing or placing the included shelves, depending on the size of the containers, without the need for screws or complicated adjustments. “Perfect, it covers the entire space very well; the color is pretty. It seems strong and resistant for pots ”, comments one user.

Although the shelves are made of hard plastic, the set is made of aluminum providing greater stability to the shelf. “What I expected is one of the ones that I saw the most in depth and it holds a lot of weight,” says another buyer. “The shelf looks pretty stable,” says a third user.

Buy for € 20.25 on Amazon

Waterproof and perfect to adapt to the drain pipe

The shelving is also designed to place numerous objects making the most of the space despite the shape of the kitchen drain, whatever it may be. You can even do without a level to find the best possible accommodation to what is stored. The ideal choice for the sink. I have put it under and I have adjusted it with my drain ”.

In short, a product that is quickly assembled and that has multiple uses to make life easier for us in the kitchen, although it will also serve to place it in other rooms of the home. “If I had more cabinets like the one under the sink, I would definitely buy more, it’s nice to see how everything is organized. One of the best purchases I’ve ever made, ”says a buyer.

Buy for € 20.25 on Amazon

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