Is Gastosic good? How effective?

Ingredients of Gasto

Gastosic product formula consists of 9 ingredients – completely from herbs: standardized Nanocurcumin, Chamomile, Commercial, Hoang Lien, Late sketch, Licorice, Chenan, Corn duu, Ginger

Nanocurcumin is a turmeric prepared in the form of Nano – a dosage form of Curcumin under a microscopic size to enhance absorption into the body. Gastosic received the exclusive transfer of Nanocurcumin from the Vietnam Academy of Science and Technology, ensuring the quality and supportive effects in the treatment of gastric reflux.

Gastosic combines Nanocurcumin, Licorice (France) and 7 herbs in a standardized ratio, providing a synergistic effect that enhances anti-inflammatory, neutralization of acids and regenerating esophageal mucosa. damage caused by reflux stomach acid.

Gastosic mechanism of action

Gastosic is studied based on the etiology of gastroesophageal reflux disease and works by the mechanism from the Root – that means acting at the same time on the factors that cause diseases including: stress, stress; ulcers of the stomach – duodenum; poor digestion – helps to resolve the problems that reflux patients are experiencing, rapidly relieves disease symptoms, prevents relapses and dangerous complications of the disease.

Its users spoke about Gastosic

Having been on the pharmaceutical market for more than 5 years, Gastosic has received many positive feedback from customers,

Typically Ms. Nguyen Thi Thao (Ha Hoa, Phu Tho) – after only 2 weeks of using her reflux symptoms significantly reduced, after 3 months of use, her illness has decreased by more than 95% – from One person did not eat well, stayed up at night because of reflux, her throat was stagnant, and she was sore, now she can do normal activities, sell goods in the market without fear of reflux.

Uncle Vu Khac Hien (Binh Giang, Hai Duong) – a history of chronic gastroesophageal reflux for 50 years, always had a feeling of phlegm in the throat, reflux also made him suffer from chronic sore throat all year round. After 3 months of using Gastosic, combining Argelomag, my reflux disease and sore throat were greatly reduced, my throat was clear, making me healthier and more confident.

Are there any side effects of Gastosic?

Up to the present time, after 5 years on the market, Gastosic has not recorded any side effects from customers. Gastosic ingredients are all natural herbs, so you absolutely can use them for a long time without having to worry too much about side effects like Western drugs.

What is Gastosic different from other products on the market?

Gastosic is the first reflux treatment support product to be researched based on the cause of gastroesophageal reflux disease, supporting treatment from Root to help accelerate symptoms of the disease, prevent complications, and prevent relapses.

Products manufactured at CVI Pharma High-tech Pharmaceutical Factory is the first pharmaceutical factory to meet the World Health Organization’s GMP – WHO production standards and ISO 13485: 2016 certification for quality standards for Medical products located in Hoa Lac Hi-Tech Park, Thach That, Hanoi.

More than 500,000 gastro reflux patients trusted and responded well to the product.

Gastosic is committed to 100% refund if there is no symptom relief after taking the full course.

For more information, please contact the toll free call center 1800 8019 or visit the website

How soon after using Gastosic for best results?

The effect of the product depends on the process of using according to the procedure and changes in living and eating of each person. According to the statistics of the effects that Gastosic products bring, we can summarize as follows: :

After 2-4 days: The number of times of heartburn and belching decreases, and the feeling of bitterness in the mouth gradually decreases

After 2-4 weeks: Throat burning, chest tightness, throat congestion significantly reduced, patients can eat normally again, reflux at night is also significantly reduced.

After 4-8 weeks: The damage caused by stomach acid to the esophagus and stomach gradually heals, the patient eats well, sleeps well, and his health gradually stabilizes.

So the following article has helped you partly evaluate whether Gastosic product is good or not. For more information about the product and the list of pharmacies selling Gastosic products nationwide, please visit the website: or contact the call center: 1800,8019 (toll-free).

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