It is necessary “undoubtedly to arrange and not to eliminate the great oral”, estimates the union of the personnel of direction of the National education

Florence Delannoy, Deputy Secretary General of the National Education Management Staff Union, suggests lowering the coefficient of this test in the exam.

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It is necessary “undoubtedly to develop, and not necessarily to eliminate the great oral”, declared Tuesday, May 4 on franceinfo Florence Delannoy, deputy secretary general of the union of management staff of National Education, head of the Lycée international Montebello in Lille. For example, it suggests lowering the coefficient of this test in the exam. “to reassure the students.”

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Florence Delannoy believes that this ordeal is important for “students who, in first, have not already been able to train for the oral examination of the French bac. This is their last opportunity in secondary school to face an exam as such and a maintenance test, these are skills that they really need afterwards, it can be interesting to maintain it. “

The Lille principal ensures that the stakes of this test for obtaining the bac “are very limited since it is barely 10% of the baccalaureate. Many students already have a baccalaureate now, 80% of the baccalaureate is already in the pockets of the students”. She invites the students to do the math on the website of the Ministry of National Education.

Florence Delannoy explains that the final year students are preparing for this final test. “Since the specialties have been transferred to continuous assessment, the teachers have more free time precisely to prepare this great oral”, she said, believing that her students have worked hard since the start of the year.

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