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Japanese Food and Roman Pizzas in Collage – Restaurants in Hyderabad

What you see The Collage restaurant at the Ista hotel is nestled among giants like the Indian School of Business, Microsoft and Infosys. Away from the hustle and bustle of the city, it has a weekend getaway feel. Beautifully surrounded by rocks like inanimate company, the hotel has a door that looks like an entrance to a different world.

Collage is the 24-hour restaurant on Ista and has a spacious entrance hall adorned with huge stacks of fine wine on either side. There is also a good and tempting display of fresh fruits.

Add to the contemporary setting a breathtaking view of the Golkonda (it looks splendid at night with the riot of colors reflected in it) and you will find that the fusion of traditional and modern could not have been better.

Travertine table tops complement the brown wood decor. There is also a variety of seats. You can choose to dine around the Teppanyaki counter, or choose to see the city from the patio and open-air pavilion.

What you get – There is an extensive buffet for lunch here. Add in a Teppanyaki counter where the finest Japanese delicacies are prepared according to your request right in front of you and you know what you can enjoy here. Along with the Japanese food are the delicious special Roma pizzas (thin and crispy) that you must try.

At dinner, there is only one a la carte menu to choose from, but that does not limit the options as the menu has a good selection of all cuisines from Indian to Italian. There is also a balanced selection of desserts. Soft pastels are very attractive.

Our verdict – You have to experience the environment to believe what we say. We recommend that you sit outside and enjoy the panoramic view and cool breeze in the evenings. The food is par excellence but there is room for improvement in the desserts. The service could improve. The best part is that it is 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Valet parking is available.

What you pay for a meal for two – 1,500 rupees a la carte and 1,800 rupees for the buffet (excluding wines)

Lead to – Collage Hotel Ista Plot No. 7, IT Park Nanakramguda, Gachibowli, Hyderabad – 08.

Call to – 040-44508888.

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