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Kellys Blue Book – What is it and why use it?

Are you in the market to buy, sell or trade a car? Cars are more than everyday essentials to take you anywhere and anywhere you want; They can also serve as long-term investments when you decide to resell them. If you want the best value for your money, a good reference and one of the recognized authorities on car pricing is Kellys Blue Book.

Kellys Blue Book is a must-have for anyone contemplating buying, selling, or trading a car. As a portable guide, KBB offers an unbiased and reliable blue book value for cars, and has automotive value appraisal guides for all types of motor vehicles in the United States: Kellys Blue Book for Cars, KBB Motorcycle, RV Blue Book for Campers and motor homes, as well as Kellys Blue Book for boats, and even ATV Blue Book and Mobile Homes Blue Book values, both used and new, even one for classic cars, for vehicles dating back to the 1940s. Since His first publication in 1926 as a list of used cars the author wanted to buy and how much he was willing to pay for them, Kellys has evolved into a glorified status similar to an auto industry bible, a standard car pricing information. at the national level. guide for both distributors and buyers.

In order to satisfy the requirements of its users, KBB now has several printed versions. The most widely used include KBB Auto Market Report – Official Blue Book Guide to Cars Used by Auto Dealers, Financial Institutions, and Others in the Trade, and since 1993, available in almost every American bookstore for buyers is your new and used car. Car Guide: Consumer Edition. The Kellys Auto Market Report version is intended to help people in the retail industry set competitive prices for the sale of their vehicles, while the consumer version of Kellys Blue Book is intended to help you buy a new or used car from a dealer or private party, trade in your car at a dealer, or sell your used car at a private party.

Additionally, KBB’s price reports for new and used cars have been available on the Internet since 1995. Additionally, Kellys Auction, Kellys Trade-in, Wholesale Lending, and Retail values ​​(covering model years 1989-2008) now They are updated weekly and distributed online.

If you’re curious what to expect from Kellys New Car Guide, here’s what it contains: Manufacturer’s Suggested Retail Price (MRSP), Dealer Invoice Prices (the price the manufacturer charges the dealer for the car ), any additional costs that may be involved, such as shipping, the price of optional equipment (optional sunroof, DVD, etc.), and the value of the new car on the vehicles for the current model year. New car values ​​are collected from thousands of dealer transactions across the United States, and the Auto Blue Book reflects the actual average sales price people pay when they buy their cars from new car dealers.

If you are interested in used cars, Kellys Used Car Guide is considered the top choice for consumers. Provides invaluable information on the blue book for cars made in the last 15 years, an important requirement for any auto value price guide, as more than 60 percent of vehicles on the road are 12 years old or older, according to National Automobile Dealers. Association.

What you will find inside are the value of private car prices (up-to-date price you could expect to get for a car if you sold it personally to a buyer), trade-in values, and suggested retail values ​​(including the dealer’s cost per any repairs and dealership overheads, such as paying salespeople, paying for advertising, and keeping cars in stock) on more than 10,000 used car models.

For Kellys Blue Book car prices on used cars and trucks, many of which are sold between individuals, it would be almost impossible to get actual sales prices, so KBB assesses the value of a used car by gathering information about the price of the car when it is new at the time. Calculate your depreciation value based on previous year models, car quality, and car numbers in the used car market. In fact, you can calculate the expected price of your car using Kelly charts and tables that help determine the total value of your car, based on the condition of the car (from excellent to poor), the mileage of the vehicle, optional components such as built-in equipment. , and the geographic area where the car has been.

Maintaining the standard blue book value of automobiles, the makers of Kellys Blue Book continue to apply their 75 years of auto appraisal experience to provide invaluable service to both dealers and auto buyers. The Kellys Blue Book stands as a great starting point for getting the best value for your car.

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