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Kitchen knives: some tips for choosing a knife

Technology and the modern manufacturing era have spawned vast amounts of consumer goods, at levels of quality and quantity not previously possible. Modern quality is a tale of two cities. For one, you have cars that routinely go 200,000 miles before starting to break down. On the other hand, you have cheap products made with no regard for quality. When you see one of these items, you think of early-manufactured items, small in quantity, but strong, built to last, and repairable.

Now our specific topic is knives – this is an extremely simple tool, probably thousands of years old. Modern knives are also faced with this dichotomy of high-quality, prestige-made knives or lesser-quality knives that only last a year, after which the blade or handle will be unusable. Let’s take a minute to understand which parts of a knife are important.

Knives come in all different sizes, shapes, and functions. Similarly, different companies are producing different levels of quality. Complete knife set providing different shapes to do different jobs in your kitchen, such as vegetable knife, chef’s knife, boning knife, fillet knife, slicer and many more. These different knives are available to complete different tasks that you can easily look for, but the most important thing to consider is price, features, comfort, and ease of maintenance. Always look for a high-quality product, no matter if it is a bit expensive but reliable and you don’t need to make investments again and again.

Let us have some knowledge about steel quality and construction ways to buy a knife easily.

First, you must know all the parts of the knife and their functions. The tip of the blade which should be thin is used for small strips and carving, the cutting edge is the main cutting side, the spine gives control with the thumb and fingers to make a proper cut, the heel is used for cutting some tough foods, the bolster makes the connectivity of the steel blade and handle and gives control while handling the knife. Full tang is a real high quality product; it is sandwiched between two layers of the handle to the end of the stock and is the same shape as the handle and has holes with three rivets that give the knife strength.

Second, you need to know the material of the blade. Different types of steel are used to make different blades such as high carbon steel, high carbon stainless steel, stainless steel, titanium, vanadium and types of plastic etc. Among all these, high carbon stainless steel is very popular because high carbon gives hardness, rigidity and sharpness and stainless steel is resistant to rust. This strong combination is used for the manufacture of high quality knives and is highly recommended.

Third, you need to be aware of cutting-edge ability and ways because they actually play an important role. Sharp knives are used for slicing only, hollow edge shaped knives are used to chop small items easily, convex blade, tapered edge, straight edge and serrated edge are all available in the market based on your needs.

The blade handle gives full strength and control to the blade made of wood, plastic, and stainless steel. It is important to focus on what quality is better and more durable. Most arguments suggest plastic-infused wooden handles because of their excellent grip and low maintenance.

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