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The coach sexual Andrea Aguilar is a woman determined that women discover much more about herself, that she allows herself to enjoy herself and that she seeks the fullness of her orgasms. From masalladelorgasmo.com it offers continuous proposals, all designed for women to discover pleasure. Your personal history helps in your endeavor. For many years, Andrea’s sex life was dire. It was anorgasmic; she had a real inability to have orgasms. And the origin, always, has to do with not knowing how to provoke pleasure. But he learned more and more about the subject, he knew a lot more about masturbation and he got to the top. Now she teaches other women to take that journey where masturbation is the cornerstone to overcome all evils. And the last proposal is called Holy water and it is one of the most displayed samples of pleasure in pornography, although Andrea Aguilar is bothered that female ejaculation is called squirt.

“I prefer that we talk about female ejaculation, because whether it is in a jet or simply that you get soaked, it is irrelevant. It is a liberation for any woman and that happens because you are excited, you stimulate yourself where it causes you the most pleasure, at the G-spot and you feel free enough to let you go, “admits the sex therapist. Because the pandemic may not let you go to a course on sexuality, but sexuality enters your home through fiber optics.

For Marcos, if the Internet had not existed, it would have been a triumph for him to solve “his own”: “It took me a long time to recognize that I had a premature ejaculation problem. As I have only had sex with one person, my lifelong girlfriend, I I used to not having intercourse enter into our sexuality. That has a good part: we were more aware of sensitive sexuality, we built our relationship based on giving ourselves pleasure without intercourse. But the problems came when there was no other left, and that had to happen. We wanted to be parents. How were we going to do it? ” Marcos and Adela live in Almería; and Dr. Eduard García Cruz, on horseback between Madrid and Barcelona. But the treatment can be done without problem. An Internet connection is enough for the specialist to prepare a personal treatment, set specific guidelines for you and the results can be seen: “In erectile dysfunction and premature ejaculation treatments, it is not necessary for us to see each other’s faces”, specifies the andrologist, “And the patients find it much more comfortable because of the privacy. It is less difficult for them to recognize everything that happens to them in bed without showing their faces.”

The one who has had to perfect herself has been Almudena M. Ferrer, sexologist and head of Bread and sex and one of the few collegiate to teach the workshop of Betty Dodson, the mythical American sex educator who revolutionized sexuality with her approaches to female pleasure and his studies on orgasms. Almudena M. Ferrer used to give these workshops throughout Spain, in sessions of several days in which those registered gathered and did the workshop, naked, in a room. “One of the exercises consists of undressing and being in a circle in front of others. We can no longer do that. So I offer the possibility of doing the workshop on-line“. Almudena has developed an itinerary on introspection and masturbation that includes a daily vulva massage” to increase sensations and connect with that part of our body “and which also requires the use of a mirror because, she says,” we should observe much more our vulva and see how it changes as we meet. In this workshop we know our genitality and our pleasure well “, confirms the sexologist.

The pandemic has changed the way we relate to each other, it prevents us from having sex with strangers and, it seems, this will go on for a long time. Taking advantage of the circumstances to improve our knowledge about sexuality or solve problems that we may have would be the best sample of sanity. Cheer up, everything is that this Christmas we give pleasure online.



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