Liverpool lost face, Klopp frustrated Salah because of this

Coach Jurgen Klopp was annoyed off the border because Mohamed Salah did not put pressure on the opponent after he lost the ball.

The German military leader raised his eyebrows in dissatisfaction as he pulled Salah out of the field after more than an hour of playing, when Liverpool needed an equalizer against Chelsea.

Jurgen Klopp decided to withdraw Salah to retire early

Replaced early, Salah herself was also surprised by the teacher’s decision and expressed disappointment upon returning to the technical zone.

This is also the first time that Mohamed Salah has been withdrawn so early since September 2017.

Journalist Matt Critchley, who was present at Anfield to watch the match, revealed that Klopp repeatedly shouted that Salah had to press the opponent to try to win the ball, but the pupil ignored it.

He shared on Twitter: “Salah is not happy to be substituted early. He shook his head and stepped onto the bench.

About 5 minutes earlier, Klopp shouted asking Salah to put pressure on the opponent after losing the ball, helping Liverpool to defend from afar, but Salah did not mind.

Liverpool lost face, Klopp frustrated Salah because of this
Salah was quite disappointed when she returned to the bench

The Egyptian striker ran wild, making the German teacher angry. Jurgen Klopp immediately called his assistant Ljinders and instructed to replace Salah with Oxlade-Chamberlain. “

Pressure is now weighing on Klopp’s shoulder in the context of Liverpool losing 5 consecutive home matches for the first time in history.

The Kop strikers have also only scored one goal at Anfield since the beginning of 2021 and the final victory took place in mid-December 2020.

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