Many Hai Duong schools have not allowed students to return to school because of ‘not safe enough’.

Chi Linh High School used to be selected as a concentrated isolation area, will open to welcome 12th grade students on March 8 – Photo: PHAM TUAN

According to the plan, on March 8, districts of Binh Giang, Gia Loc, Nam Sach, Ninh Giang, Thanh Ha, Thanh Mien, Tu Ky and Chi Linh City will give grade 12 students of high schools and centers. Vocational education – continuing education is allowed to go to schools, if COVID-19 is safe to prevent.

However, Mr. Luong Van Viet – director of the Department of Education and Training, confirmed that there are only more than 20 high schools and 4 centers for vocational education and continuing education (GDV-GDT) in 8 localities for grade students. 12 returned to school from March 8.

Some schools are still unable to open their doors to students next week.

On March 6 and 7, schools in the above 8 localities held general cleaning, disinfection, facilities preparation and other necessary conditions to welcome grade 12 students back to school from morning 8-3.

But compare with the criteria according to the “set of criteria for assessing the safety of COVID-19 epidemic prevention in preschool, general education and vocational education – continuing education institutions on the ground The provincial table “has been issued by the Provincial Steering Committee for Disease Control and Prevention, COVID-19. Many schools have decided not to welcome students back to school.

Schools that have not yet welcomed 12 students back include Nam Sach High School, Nam Sach II High School, Mac Dinh Chi High School (Nam Sach); Doan Thuong High School, Gia Loc High School, Gia Loc II High School (Gia Loc); Thanh Ha High School, Thanh Binh High School (Thanh Ha) …

In Chi Linh City, Chi Linh and Pha Lai high schools will welcome 12th graders to school from March 8.

Ben Bath High School (Chi Linh) is still closed, the reason is that the majority of the school’s students are located in the areas of communes and wards that used to have many F0, F1.

Out of 8 centers for vocational education and continuing education in localities that are implementing Directive 19 of the Prime Minister, there are 4 centers that have not yet welcomed grade 12 students back to school on March 8. including: Gia Loc, Thanh Ha, Ninh Giang and Nam Sach.



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