Minister Nguyen Van The: Hai Phong must issue vehicle identification cards consistent with the whole country

Trucks arrive in Hai Phong with traffic jams when Hai Phong has issued a logo of risk groups but has not issued vehicle identification cards with a uniform QR code like other localities – Photo: TIEN THONG

This is the content given by Minister Nguyen Van The during an online briefing on the evening of July 19 between the Ministry of Transport and the southern provinces on ensuring cargo transport activities.

Due to the prolonged traffic jam on the gateways to Hai Phong city on July 18 and 19, Mr. The invited more Hai Phong Department of Transport to attend the meeting on the evening of July 19.

According to a report by Hai Phong Department of Transport, on July 17, Hai Phong’s checkpoint discovered two drivers from the South to be positive for SARS-CoV-2.

Therefore, the City People’s Committee Hai Phong has requested to group vehicles from Nghe An provinces back in as “high risk group”, vehicles from Thanh Hoa onward as “low risk group”.

By July 18, vehicles from Hanoi will be added to the high-risk group. From there, red logos for “high-risk groups”, yellow for “low-risk groups” and blue for vehicles entering the province are issued.

When Hai Phong issued the above regulation, many vehicles from other provinces were on their way to Hai Phong, so they could not grasp the regulations, leading to the competent force to stop the vehicle to check and issue the appropriate logo, so there was a traffic jam.

Besides, on the evening of July 18, Hai Phong Department of Transport received the handover of the management software and issued vehicle identification cards with QR codes of the Directorate for Roads of Vietnam. Therefore, it has not been put into use in time to issue identification cards for trucks, leading to prolonged congestion.

On July 19, the Directorate for Roads assigned the Traffic Inspector of the Road Administration Department 1 to divide the traffic flow in Hai Phong. The Traffic Police Department also arranged 3 working groups to go to Hai Phong to coordinate with local forces to direct traffic and solve traffic jams. By the afternoon of July 19, the traffic jam was basically resolved.

Through information from all sides, Minister Nguyen Van The requested Hai Phong Department of Transport to study and implement the regulations and guidelines of the Ministry and the Directorate for Roads in a unified manner.

Mr. The requested Hai Phong Department of Transport to establish a local green channel, connecting to the announced national green channel; at the same time, immediately deploy a management software system, issue QR codes to identify freight vehicles to create the most convenient and fastest conditions for businesses and drivers.

At the meeting, the Ministry of Transport and localities agreed not to check COVID-19 test certificates for freight drivers within 19 provinces, following the directive 16.

When the vehicle from these provinces to the adjacent area is applying a lower level of disease prevention, a certificate of negative test results for SARS-CoV-2 must be obtained within 72 hours as prescribed. of the Ministry of Health.

Minister Nguyen Van The continued to request the Departments of Transport to urgently coordinate with the Directorate for Roads and advise provincial leaders to choose and decide to organize rest stops in combination with testing support. COVID-19 for drivers traveling on long routes and expired test certificates. This will reduce the pressure at the control points.

Mr. The suggested that transport businesses absolutely thoroughly understand the regulations and actively test for COVID-19 for drivers and servicemen in vehicles; take the initiative or propose, coordinate with the locality to organize stops, parking combined with rest and activities of the driver according to the motto on the spot, minimizing the driver’s exposure to the outside …



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