Ministry of Transport staff negative for COVID-19 when testing PCR

Medical staff prepare to leave the Ministry of Transport after taking samples for staff of the Ministry (photo taken at 10pm on May 18) – Photo: PHAM TUAN

According to the Ministry of Transport, at 9:45 pm on May 18, information from the National Children’s Hospital said that the PCR test results of employees working at the Ministry of Transport suspected of having COVID-19 were negative.

The Ministry of Transport has notified and allowed officials, civil servants and employees to leave the ministry’s headquarters to go home.

Previously, the Ministry of Transport said that on the morning of May 18, a male TVT employee working at the General – Secretary of the Office of the Ministry of Transport had a sore throat. Mr. T. informed the agency’s leader. After that, the agency asked him to take time off work to go to a medical facility for examination and testing.

Rapid test results at Hospital 198 showed that he was positive for the first time with COVID-19.

On the afternoon of May 18, the Ministry of Transport temporarily closed the gate of the headquarters, asking those working at the headquarters not to leave the office until the PCR test results of Mr.

The Ministry of Transport also proactively sprayed disinfection of the entire agency and reviewed and identified possible cases of contact (directly or indirectly) with Mr. T. to classify objects.

Right on the evening of May 18, the Ministry of Transport requested the Hanoi CDC to take samples for testing for possible related cases. The ministry has also prepared a scenario in case the ministry agency has a case of COVID-19 to be ready to ensure the zoning, epidemic suppression and all activities of the ministry.

The Ministry of Transport said that it has been and will continue to regularly direct and thoroughly understand all officials, civil servants and employees of this Ministry to strictly comply with regulations on epidemic prevention and control, abide by the principles of the Ministry of Transport. 5K rule of the Ministry of Health.



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