More than 80% of customers in HCMC can track daily electricity consumption

In Ho Chi Minh City, Mr. Luan Quoc Hung – Deputy General Director of Ho Chi Minh City Electricity Corporation (EVNHCMC), said that over 5 years of modernizing the power grid, the quality of electricity in Ho Chi Minh City is getting better and better. improve.

Specifically, if 5 years ago, on average, each customer in Ho Chi Minh City lost power about 500-600 minutes a year, by 2020, the average power failure time will be shortened to about 40 minutes / year.

In particular, EVNHCMC is implementing electronic meters with the function of collecting data remotely, helping customers monitor daily electricity output through applications installed on mobile phones. Up to now, more than 80% of customers can look up information on electricity bills, track daily, monthly electricity consumption… on their mobile phones through this application. It is expected that by the third quarter of this year, 100% of customers will be fitted with electronic meters with the function of remote data collection, which can monitor the daily electricity consumption.

“Customers who install the application can monitor their daily electricity usage very clearly and transparently. From there, adjust their electricity usage in an economical and efficient manner. The electricity industry takes better care of customers, sends notifications of new information about electrical services, warnings about thunderstorms … “- Mr. Luan Quoc Hung informed.

Answering questions from some readers related to the sudden increase in electricity bills during the hot season, the question of recording the wrong meter readings causes the statistics of electricity consumption to skyrocket, Mr. Vo Quang Lam, Deputy General Director of Vietnam Electricity (EVN), said that the rate of indexing incorrectly, making and issuing invoices due to subjective errors has decreased rapidly due to the strict technical and management process of EVN.

Mr. Vo Quang Lam (standing) answers customers’ questions sent to the seminar

In 2020, EVN strictly dealt with officials and employees involved in incorrect indexing, making and issuing invoices incorrectly, failing to comply with business processes. As of June 2020. EVN has synchronously implemented many technical and managerial solutions to overcome and limit this error.

Up to now, the rate of indexing incorrectly, making false invoices has decreased significantly. “In the hot season of 2021, following the instructions of the Electricity Regulatory Authority of Vietnam and the Ministry of Industry and Trade, we continue to strongly implement technical and managerial solutions to minimize possible errors. coming out in the near future “- EVN’s Deputy General Director affirmed.

Mr. Nguyen Van Ly, deputy general director of the Southern Power Corporation, also said that after receiving complaints from customers about meter readings, the Corporation as well as its member units will proceed to handle them. process of EVN and based on Electricity law.

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