Movistar includes the mandatory purchase of a mobile phone to contract its Fusion packages, which go up three euros per month

A Movistar store in Madrid.

Movistar will renew all its rates from April 11 Fusion of convergent packages (landline, mobile and data) with a new catalog of plans that necessarily includes the purchase of a mobile phone in its different modalities. The new prices will entail a minimum increase of three euros per month, although if the client wants to access terminals other than those included by default in the monthly fee, they will have to pay an extra monthly amount for 36 months, depending on the rate and the the benefits of the selected mobile range between two and 24 euros.

New customers will have to contract these rates with mobile phone included, although current Fusión customers – around four million – will be able to keep the current ones. This is a very daring commercial move on the part of Telefónica, by obligatorily including the purchase of a telephone if you want to contract one of its convergent rates, since currently the model used by all operators is to facilitate the purchase of a terminal in installments through financing, including the installment payment in the monthly invoice.

Telefónica defends that with the new model the customer saves between 10% and 15% on the purchase of the terminal compared to the financing model and that, in addition, Movistar Fusión packages do not have a permanence penalty, so the subscriber You can terminate the contract at any time. The downside is that the customer is forced to buy a mobile phone that he may not want and, in return, the rate of his Fusion package increases its price by three euros per month forever. A kind of disguised rise – for now only for new customers – in addition to the increase of between two and three euros per month that Telefónica applied on January 12 to all its Fusion packages.

Only a dozen mobiles

Another problem posed by the new system is that the subscriber cannot choose the mobile freely, but only from the catalog offered by Movistar. Thus, in the Start Range, in which you do not have to pay a supplement, only the Samsung Galaxy A12, the Oppo A53s and the Redmi Note 9T are available. In the highest range (Total Range), only the Samsung Galaxy S21 5G and the Iphone 12 appear, although in this case you have to pay in addition to the Fusion rate, a supplement of 24 euros for 36 months. Even if there is no permanence in the rate, if the client unsubscribes from Fusion before paying off the terminal, they must pay the full amount of the device.

The new Fusion plans do not in any case represent a return to the mobile phone subsidy by which the main operators tried to attract customers by giving away or offering at a very low price the fashionable mobiles at that time, which the companies had to abandon a decade ago due to its high cost. Telefónica’s commercial movement is different and new. The aim is to create a package in which the cost of the terminal is included in the monthly rate, in addition to the fiber or mobile connection. By moving a large volume of phones, Telefónica can offer them at a low price, and incidentally build customer loyalty, who if they decide to change company should pay the price of the mobile first.

The phone catalog, integrated in the launch by a dozen terminals, will be renewed and expanded, especially with the aim of introducing 5G-compatible models. The available mobiles are: XiaomiRedmi Note 9 T 5G, Samsung Galaxy A12 and Oppo A53s (free of charge); Oppo Reno 4 Z 5G and Xiaomi Mi 11 Lite (5 euros per month for 36 months); Xiaomi Mi 10T Pro 5G and Samsung Galaxy 520 FE (13 euros for 36 months); and Samsung Galaxy S21 5G and IPhone 12 5G (for 24 euros for 36 months).

“Movistar does not stop revolutionizing the convergent market in this country and it does so now by extending to its customers one of its latest demands, the possibility of enjoying the current speed of 5G through a mobile phone in the Fusion mode they hire” , said Emilio Gayo, president of Telefónica Spain. “We lead the market in 5G deployment, exceeding 75% of the population, and now customers can choose a next-generation device. Our obsession is precisely that, the client and anticipating their needs, both technological and equipment ”.

For new Fusion customers, as a launch promotion, they will pay 50% less than the price of the full package for three months. Current customers will be able to switch to the new options and, in this way, enjoy a new terminal included in the rates increased by three euros. They will also have a promotion in case they want to go to a higher rate of the new catalog: for three months they will pay the price of the starting rate, but they will enjoy the advantages of the new one, in addition to the smartphone. Fusión Pro clients will also benefit, that is, all freelancers and professionals.

The new Movistar Fusión rates will be as follows from April 11:

  • Total Plus Merger with 4 lines – 200 euros
  • Total Plus Fusion – 175 euros
  • Total Merger – 150 euros
  • Selection Plus Fusion with All Football – 120 euros
  • Fusion Selection Plus with Fiction 600 – 115 euros
  • Fusion Selection Plus with Fiction 100 – 105 euros
  • Merger Selection with Champions 600 – 105 euros
  • Fusion Selection with Champions 100 – 95 euros
  • Merger Selection with LaLiga 600 – 105 euros
  • Merger Selection with LaLiga 100 – 95 euros
  • Fusion Selection with Fiction 600 – 105 euros
  • Fusion Selection with Fiction 100 – 95 euros
  • Merger Starts 600 – 81 euros
  • Merger Starts 100 – 74 euros
  • Merger 0 600 – 65 euros
  • Merger 0 100 – 58 euros

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