New Covid-19 testing technology for faster and more accurate results

Scientists at the Weizmann Institute of Science in Israel have designed a 3D-printed electronic nose to analyze the scents of chemicals in people infected with COVID-19. New technology aims to speed up Covid-19 testing by “sniffing” a patient’s nasal cavity and making a diagnosis in just 80 seconds.

Device named is the Pen3, which consists of a long tube with sensors attached to the nostrils to analyze the nasal cavity. The algorithms carefully analyze around the nose and are able to detect Covid-19 infection in real time with 94% accuracy. Project leader Professor Noam Sobel said: ‘The electronic nose creates a pattern in each smell and it is specific to the smell of Covid-19. We’re teaching it to smell the virus.”

New technology aims to speed up Covid-19 testing by ‘sniffing’ the patient’s nasal cavity and making a diagnosis in just 80 seconds.

The researchers trained Pen3 to identify volatile organic compounds (VOCs) deep within the nasal cavity. The test was performed on 503 people and the Pen3 was able to correctly identify 27 people infected with the virus. Sobel explains that smelly metabolites and all diseases All smell because they change metabolism.

Professor Sobel and his team foresee the technology being used for testing at large gatherings and inside airports to reduce wait times at test sites. The technology is inspired by previous research that found dogs have the ability to sniff out infections.

Warning about the risk of death due to self-administration of antibiotics, pain relievers and anti-inflammatory drugs ( – Bai Chay Hospital (Ha Long City, Quang Ninh) said that the unit had just treated a patient with severe poisoning due to taking some antibiotics, anti-inflammatory pain relievers…

The study, published May 23, found sniffer dogs were up to 94% more likely to pass rapid tests in detecting Covid-19 infections.

The authors say their findings have exceeded all expectations, and that the dogs are able to operate in workplaces, theaters and stadiums to detect infected people. Scientists are currently in discussions with the UK Department of Health and the World Health Organization about implementing sniffer dogs at airports. They say just two dogs can screen 300 passengers off a plane for Covid-19 in 30 minutes. Those identified as positive by the dogs will then receive a PCR test to confirm the results.

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