No, elementary school students will not take a swimming test in a classroom

screenshot of a tweet from François Ruffin, since deleted. (TWEET SCREENSHOT)

In the comments of this Twitter post, shared more than 2,300 times in three days, many parents are panicking.

The publication highlights a document from National Education, which would have been sent to parents of primary school students, in order to inform them of the somewhat surprising methods of issuing a certificate “knowing how to swim”. We can read that “the swimming pools being closed this year, the events will be done indoors or in the court (diving, breaststroke on a chair, board on the floor) “. The document also reminds students not to forget their swimming caps and their swimming goggles, for a test that will take place on April 1, 2021. We explain the hoax to you.

The document is obviously false, and there are several things to prove it. Stamped with an old logo of the Clermont Ferrand academy, we can read the date of April 1 twice. Contacted, the Clermont-Ferrand academy confirms that no indoor swimming event is planned, and underlines the “ineptitude” of the false document. A spelling error slipped into the convocation, “its proofs” instead of “these”, can also be ignored. While some Internet users quickly noticed the deception, others shared the document with indignation.

Screenshot of a Tweet from François Ruffin, deputy for rebellious France from the Somme, since deleted.
Screenshot of a Tweet from François Ruffin, deputy for rebellious France from the Somme, since deleted. (TWITTER SCREENSHOT)

The insubordinate France deputy François Ruffin relayed the April Fools’ Day on his Twitter account, accompanied by a confused comment, before deleting it a few hours later.

But the main clue is there: since March 19, “swimming pools as well as indoor sports complexes and equipment are again open to all school groups, as part of their PE lessons “, underlines the Ministry in charge of Sports. The learning of “knowing how to swim”, registered in the base of skills and knowledge as a “national priority”, was slowed down this year by the closure of swimming pools to schools between January 15 and mid-March. Swimming professionals then sounded the alarm.

The Minister in charge of Sports Roxana Maracineanu had expressed her concern in the columns of the Parisian, fearing in particular an increase in drownings during the summer, while 43% of emergency visits for drownings concern those under 6 years old. The issuance of the “know how to swim” certificate is therefore maintained for primary classes for this 2020-2021 school year. The Ministry of Education also specifies that “competence can also be validated at college “ when it has not been validated before.

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