Opinion | Happy 2021, the year of the recovery of analog pleasures

A year ago, at the end of the very distant 2019, the experts of the Retina Observatory predicted the technological trends that 2020 would bring us. It could be assumed that their forecasts for such an unpredictable year would have been blown away by the Covid hurricane. However, read carefully, they were predictions in the right direction. They just fell short.

In the field of innovation, the pandemic has not altered the path of events: it has accelerated its arrival. 2020 has been horrible, but it would have been worse without the internet. The networks have connected us and have kept economic and educational activities alive. And that impulse of teleworking, online education or electronic commerce is probably the future that awaited us after five or ten years.

However, alongside its enormous power, technology has also shown its limitations. Distance classes have valued the face-to-face school. Teleworking has made you long for the great ideas that came up with the coffee machine.

Robots and applications have become a modest complement to social distance, masks and the work of flesh and blood health workers.

Thanks, tech; you have avoided total paralysis of the world. And those who know how to use you will come out of this crisis sooner and better. But, once we overcome the danger, let us indulge ourselves in activities that have little to do with you: have you ever wanted more to travel, to have vermouth in a bar, to meet friends, with family, to go to the movies? , to get lost in a bookstore or, simply, to give a hug? Happy 2021, the year of the recovery of analog pleasures.



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