Overuse of these 12 healthy habits will have negative effects on your health

Promises about “getting healthier” or “happier” are always densely populated. People therefore also feel that applying all these methods will help in better life and health. However, experts advise people not to trust everything you hear or read. Practice the habit of researching carefully and see what is right for your body before deciding to start a habit. A comprehensive list of habits that are considered healthy, but overused, they can have the opposite effect.

Drink 8 glasses of water a day

If you’re thirsty, everyone should drink enough fluids – especially if you’re living in a hot place or have just exercised. But don’t forget that other beverages also contain water, such as tea or soda, so the amount of water your body consumes will be higher.

Drinking too much water is really dangerous because the kidneys cannot get rid of the excess water. Everyone’s body is different, so the amount of water you need each day can be more or less than 8 glasses. There’s also no scientific evidence that high-water supplementation has any health benefits.

Eat more carrots because they can help your eyes see better

Although carrots are a very healthy vegetable to include in the diet, they are rich in vitamin A, which improves vision, but will not provide better night vision.

Carrots are healthy, but eating too much can cause a condition called carotenemia, which discolored skin because of the beta-carotene in them. Certain other fruits and vegetables also have this pigment.

Sleeping more on weekends helps to catch up on missing sleep

Sleep is essential for good physical and mental health. However, people won’t catch up on all sleepless nights simply by sleeping for a few more hours on weekends. In addition, if you sleep too much, people may experience some mental discomfort.

Brush your teeth after each meal

Brushing twice a day is a recommended habit, but if people want to brush their teeth after each meal, think again. This action is more likely to damage teeth than to care for them. If you’ve eaten or drank something acidic, don’t brush your teeth too soon, as enamel can be damaged. The appropriate time is at least 30 minutes to 1 hour after a meal.

Replace sugar with other sweeteners

It’s a good idea not to eat too much sugar, but cutting it out completely and replacing it with sweeteners may not be the wisest decision. Some of these alternatives can have long-term side effects.

Use functional foods

Just because you hear people around you taking supplements doesn’t mean you should either. If you are a vegetarian and have a vitamin B12 deficiency, then taking these pills is good. But high doses of vitamin supplements do not prevent some health problems and can even be harmful. Try to choose a diet rich in nutrients, including protein, carbohydrates and fats, …

Replace your meal with a smoothie

Smoothies have a very nutty flavor, but they contain quite a bit of water and milk. They do not provide the essential nutrients the body needs. Besides, many vitamins contain a large amount of fruit and eat them all at once can raise blood sugar levels, leading to a spike in insulin.

Consume less carbs

The keto diet has become popular all over the world because many people actually lose weight thanks to it. When people don’t eat carbs, the body converts the remaining fat into energy it needs to function. In the long term, not eating carbohydrates is not beneficial for the body. People should try to cut out processed carbs, like white flour or white sugar, and switch to high-fiber whole grains.

Use sunscreen

Sunscreen can protect people from a number of skin diseases, but that doesn’t mean the sun is your skin’s number one enemy. Using too much sunscreen can cause a vitamin D deficiency. And people with darker skin tones don’t necessarily have to use too much sunscreen. Experts recommend 10 to 15 minutes of sun exposure a day to get essential vitamin D, helping to prevent depression and osteoporosis.

Exercise every day

No one can deny the benefits of playing sports, but exercising every day doesn’t give your body time to rest. And rest is very important for muscle recovery and overall relaxation of the body. Working too much puts the body under stress and the level of cortisol increases dramatically.

Insert a cotton swab into your ear

Earwax is not a bad thing because it prevents dirt from getting into the ear. If you love cotton swabs, try to use them only for the outer part of your ears. Do not insert a cotton swab too deep into the ear canal as it can be dangerous and can cause deafness, nausea or loss of taste.

Only buy products that are labeled “healthy”.

Not everything that is labeled “healthy” is really good for health. It might just be a marketing hoax, so take note and read the ingredients on the back of the label. This is where the strongest indications are that a product is worth buying.

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