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Please Follow My Instructions: A Fun Christian Preschool Activity

Preschoolers love to imitate. As teachers and parents, we want to be a good and godly example for you to follow. As Christians, we must imitate Christ and follow his direction and instructions for our lives. It is never too early to teach our little ones to follow God and here is a fun Christian preschool activity based on James 1:22 that says, “Don’t just listen to the Word and fool yourself, but do what it says.” I call this game “Please follow my instructions.”

This is what you do:

For this activity, you will need to prepare several sets of instructions. I have given you 8 different ones below that you may want to use or adapt to your situation. The other thing you will want to prepare is a good scripture board that shows James 1:22. You are now ready to play this activity.

This is how it plays:

After presenting your lesson and James 1:22, you will explain to the class what the Bible verse is going to say. After saying James 1:22, you will choose a child who should follow the instructions you give. The child will then listen to the instructions you give him and carry them out to the best of his ability. You may want to have a gift of some kind to give the child for their success. After each set of instructions, say the Bible verse together, then choose a new child to follow the new set of instructions.

Possible set of addresses:

Series 1:

1. Jump into the sink.

2. Wash your hands.

3. Clap 3 times.

4. Sit down.

Set n. 2:

1. Touch your toes.

2. Turn 2 times.

3. Go to the window.

4. Sit down.

Set n. 3:

1. Jump around the table.

2. Jump to the table.

3. Clap 2 times.

4. Sit down.

Set # 4:

1. Shout your name 2 times.

2. High five with the teacher.

3. Pat the top of the head twice.

4. Sit down.

Set n. 5:

1. Roar like a lion.

2. Draw a circle in the air.

3. Jump to the door.

4. Sit down.

Set n. 6:

1. Turn 2 times.

2. Clap 2 times.

3. Give the teacher a back rub.

4. Sit down.

Set # 7:

1. Shout your name 2 times.

2. Touch your knees.

3. Go to the window.

4. Sit down.

Set # 8:

1. Chirp like a bird.

2. Count to 5 out loud.

3. Give the teacher a hug.

4. Sit down.

Before doing this activity, you may want to introduce the lesson as follows:

Good guys and girls! Follow my instructions, please. Touch your toes. (Wait for responses). Clap 2 times. (Wait for responses). Turn 2 times. (Wait for responses). Very well. I am so glad that you followed my instructions. God loves when you also allow his instructions. We can’t just listen to God. We also have to do what He says. That’s what our Bible verse says. James 1:22 says this: “Don’t just listen to the Word and deceive yourself, but do what it says.” (Point to your scripture board as you say the verse. In fact, I always divide my verses into small sections and then have the children repeat after me.) Now let’s play a fun game to help us learn this Bible verse and learn to follow addresses. Let’s play “Please follow my instructions.”

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