Police shoot down an armed student at a Tennessee high school

On Monday afternoon, the police killed a student at a Knoxville high school, in the state of Tennessee, who was armed and opened fire against the agents, injuring one of them, as reported tonight by the local police department. The event, which took place at 3:15 p.m. (local time), comes weeks after two other tragic shootings, which occurred in Atlanta, Georgia, and Boulder, Colorado, which have rekindled the old debate about firearms ownership. among the civilian population.

As explained by the police, the agents of the local body went to the Austin-East Magnet High School in response to the alert call about a male who was in the place “possibly armed.” It was about a young man who was in the bathrooms of the institute. As he approached the young man, he fired. One of the officers was hit by bullets and taken to UT Medical Center with injuries that do not cause fear for his life. The shooter was pronounced dead at the scene. As reported by the police in the afternoon, one more was arrested to continue the investigation, but at night there was no news in this regard. The details of the incident and why this student was armed are still unknown.

The Knox County superintendent of schools posted a message on Twitter in which he explained that the building of the aforementioned educational center had been the scene of a shooting, that they were still collecting information about this “tragic situation” and that the students “did not involved ”in the incident had already been transferred with their families. At first, the students have been gathered on a baseball field.

The shooting comes four days after the president, Joe Biden, presented a package of measures to tighten the control of the sale of kits to manufacture at home weapons without a serial number, denouncing the “national shame” that, in his opinion, is the high number of shootings that are recorded each year in the United States. Other more ambitious legislative initiatives – on assault weapons, among others – are stalled in Congress.

History recalls, however, that not even the killings that have caused the most astonishment, such as the one perpetrated by a student at another school in Parkland (Florida) in 2018, or the one at Sandy Hook elementary school in Newton (Connecticut) in 2012 they have achieved substantial changes in access to firearms.

Last Thursday, precisely the same day that Biden announced his measures and criticized this “epidemic,” the Governor of Tennessee, Bill Lee, where this latest shooting occurred, signed a law to allow all citizens over 21 years to carry (exposed or hidden) revolvers or pistols without the need for training or criminal history checking as a preliminary step. The new legislation, which excludes long guns, takes effect on July 1.

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