Potential toxicity inside food wrap

Speaking of food wrap, most housewives say that this product is extremely convenient for food preservation. Along with that, food wrap is air permeable and does not absorb moisture, avoiding dust in the air, so it can prolong food storage time. To meet this demand, manufacturers have launched many diverse models.

However, according to food technology experts, using vitamin C-rich fruit wrap can easily reduce the amount of vitamins in fruit; Directly wrapping cooked food, hot food or oily food, it is easy for chemical ingredients from the coating to penetrate the food, creating harmful chemical reactions.

Many people have a habit of using food wrap when heated food in the microwave without knowing the chemicals such as Phthalates and DEHA in the food wrap, when exposed to high temperatures, it will melt and turn into substances. Carcinogenic.

The medical organization and scientists have shown that hazardous substances that affect the health of users, can be removed from PVC food wrap products.

Specifically, the plasticizers (DEHP, DEHA) are added to the PVC wrap film. When these substances accumulate in the body in excess of the permitted level, metamorphosis can seriously affect human health.

When these membranes come into contact with foods rich in fats, oils or high temperatures, these plasticizers (DEHA, DEHP) will stop contaminating the food and contaminate the food and pass it on. into the human body. The substances DEHA, DEHP accumulate in the human body will affect the endocrine system, making girls develop early and affecting fertility in boys. In terms of carcinogenicity, according to the International Organization for Research on Cancer (IARC), ranked third, meaning there is no evidence of carcinogenicity to humans.

Bisphenol A (BPA) is another chemical used in food wrap, plastic bags, plastic boxes … According to health experts, the most toxic chemical in food wrap is Bisphenol A (BPA). ), which is widely used in the manufacture of plastics from plastics. In the body, this substance affects the hormone estrogen in women. Laboratory studies have also found a link between BPA and breast cancer, prostate cancer, and abnormally early puberty. That is the opinion of Professor Andrea Gore – pharmacy at the University of Austin (USA), who has studied the effects of chemicals from plastic on reproductive functions. According to the California Environment Organization, in its animal testing program, even a small amount of BPA can cause many health problems, including birth defects in males and reproductive organs. children.

On the market today, there are two types of films: PE and PVC. Consumers should choose PE film for processed foods. This is a film that covers less harmful additives, is usually white in color, peels off easily, when the hand touches. PVC film is used to wrap raw, unprocessed food.

Do not think of plastic wrap as simply changing plastic bags, but it affects the quality of food as well as health. Therefore, when using food wrap, it is important to choose reputable brands that ensure quality, should not be cheap, do not use moldy, crumpled and left-out wraps for too long.


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