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Process to select the best film

The entertainment industry is booming with movies, TV shows, etc. Each category has the good and the bad. Who is the deciding factor as to which is the best movie and why? One of the classifications in vogue is the Internet Movie Database, which has a list of all the movies made during the last century. The list is long and is further categorized by genre. One more categorization is made based on the decade so that you can know the age in which it was made.

The actual process of deciding if a movie is good or bad is very complex and no person or group can decide if it is really good or bad. One person’s taste will differ from another’s, so the film that one person considers good may not be good for another.

The Oscar is the most prestigious award that a film can receive for its making and every filmmaker will want to get one for their film. Being nominated for an Oscar is in itself a kudos, not to mention getting one. The film that gets this highest award of the year can be qualified as the best of the year.

The public is the best decider of good and bad. Many films that don’t win an Oscar may do well at the box office and may be more appreciated by the masses than those lucky enough to win the most esteemed award in the world today.

It’s the people who watch and enjoy the movie, so a commoner who earns a little entertainment for a few hours and really enjoys what’s on offer is the best judge, even after much expense of time and money, the common man does not get his Is it worth the money? Will you rate the movie as good? No never. Therefore, a movie that can be decided as the best is one that is well appreciated by the most common subjects, from the young to the old, and which provides wholesome entertainment at any time to anyone who seeks it.

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