Proposal continues to allow for 2 additional COVID-19 vaccines

Moderna’s COVID-19 vaccine – Photo: AP

The Advisory Council for drug circulation registration met and agreed to propose to the Ministry of Health to approve two additional COVID-19 vaccines, including Moderna vaccine (the United States) and JSC vaccines. Generium (Russia), for the urgent need for COVID-19 prevention and control in Vietnam.

Council members including more than 10 experts discuss carefully and agree to request the import of these two vaccines according to the provisions of Article 67, Decree No. 54 / ND-CP 2017 of the Government on import of drugs and vaccines. Please in an emergency situation.

Previously, at the end of last January, the council also proposed to approve the import of vaccines of AstraZeneca. On 1-2, the Minister of Health approved the import of this vaccine and yesterday 24-2 the first batch of AstraZeneca vaccine arrived in Vietnam. In March, the next batch will also dock.

If the proposal for two additional COVID-19 vaccines is approved, Vietnam will have 3 vaccines to prevent the epidemic, of which Vietnam has now purchased and supported 60 million doses of AstraZeneca, is negotiating to buy 31 million doses of Moderna and 60 million doses of JSC Generium (Russia).

According to Mr. Nguyen Thanh Long – Minister of Health, Vietnam’s goal is to have 150 million doses of vaccine to be used by the entire population by 2021.



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