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Putting an end to your car engine sludge problem: Remedies that work!

Engine sludge training. This is how it gets into your engine. And a new, economical way to remove sludge without having to disassemble the engine.

When your car is about 4 years old and older. When your car’s odometer miles exceed 75,000 miles, sticky residue; Leftover oil changes pass through, start to build up faster, and gum up the piston rings in your engines. Dirty piston rings in your engine are the main cause of sludge buildup. It happens this way.

The pistons of your engine they have 3.1/8-inch-thick flexible rings, like bracelets, that have an elastic nature. This keeps them always expanding outward to provide a blockage to prevent your engine oil from escaping into the combustion cycle. And keep the exhaust gases from your fuels fully above the piston. Everything you need to push the piston down, rotating gears and wheels to propel you forward with speed and ease. The mud starts when…

Engine sludge formation occurs when your piston rings allow those 1500 degree exhaust gases to slip past you. This happens when the outward bending action of the dirty piston ring slows or reduces. A gap appears and with each burst of new combustion, small puffs of combustion are pushed past the pistons and mixed with the engine oil.

Well, anyway there is always some combustion leak, called blown by us mechanics, even when the piston rings work perfectly fine. When cylinder wear rings and gaps allow more combustion to escape, a month of driving builds up sludge in the engine oil and, by engine design, is vented to the outside world. That’s not good for the air, the water, the elderly and children with respiratory problems.

To prevent your cars heavily loaded with combustion gases; containing a handful of sulfur, 5 gallons of raw gasoline, carbon black, and dozens of other negative elements that are spewed into the air every 3000 miles of driving, a device is manufactured to block its exhaust. Instead, it is channeled back into the combustion process. This is done via a thumb-sized check valve and hoses in a new engine subsystem called Positive crankcase ventilation system.

Tea positive crankcase ventilation system he is overpowered by all that hot sticky breath and soon drowns out the flow of breath. When that happens, sediment formation goes haywire, like kids during their first year loose in college. Children’s party. The mud forms a 1/4-inch layer on each part. Children know better. not your engine!

The fix: Soon, your car starts to lose its rack. It can consume engine oil. Can touch. Your exhaust smells worse than your kids’ tennis shoes after soccer practice. Frictional wear is now rampant. The usual fix is ​​a $3000 or more overhaul. Or a partial cleanup called an engine valve repair at a cost of up to $2000. Taking apart and cleaning each part is nasty and time consuming work.

engine flush. You may have read about all sorts of flushing methods, from stepping on two frogs to putting automatic transmission fluid and solvent in your engine to clean out sludge. parts stores even sell engine cleaners, which are solvents to do the job.

The bad thing about solvent engine washes it’s that they strip your pistons, bearings, valves and gears of their vital lubricating oil film as they rinse the sludge away. And some of that sludge, during circulation, reforms in all the wrong places. It usually blocks your engine oil pump pickup screen. About a week of driving after such a cleanup, your engine convulses. The mechanic says, in diagnostics, “It’s shot!”

New products for safe sludge removal The use of anti-wear cleaners is what is needed, if engine sludge is the problem with your engine. A leader in the field of internal engine cleaning and sludge removal with engine restorative ingredients is Mega Power. The Mega Power Worn Engine Sludge Remover Treatment is quick and takes less than an hour. Mega Power is safe because it has friction reducers that lubricate even without the presence of oil. and removes sludge in a time span of 6,000 miles. Instant restorative power results. The cost is less than $100 – not $3000. And you can install the treatment yourself. Nothing to disarm. Driving does the cleaning. You can get more information and ordering information at:

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