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Reasons why cherry tattoos attract both men and women

The cherry, the healthy fruit that it is, is also associated with fertility, lust, and sexuality. Despite its simple appearance, a cherry tattoo can make the wearer look sexy and sensual at the same time.

Despite its association with sexuality and fertility, cherry tattoos are not just for women, they are for men too. Here you will learn more about the symbolisms of the tattoo and why it attracts both men and women.

Fantastic fruit

The cherry, which grows from the tree of the same name, has been cultivated since 300 BC. It has been used for a long time in recipes by Romans, Egyptians and Greeks. The Japanese and Chinese also revere the cherry tree as it is seen as an influential cultural symbol.

Symbol of sexuality

Many fruits are associated with sexuality and fertility, but one of the most prominent is the cherry. Ripe cherry’s blood-red color and intense flavor are often compared to a person’s first touch of love.

At first glance, the cherry looks like lips. Once bitten, the fruit will appear to be bleeding. Although they are natural, these facets usually associate the cherry with eroticism.


A cherry tattoo means many things, but for most it is about purity and chastity. Once the fruit is plucked, the cherry represents the loss of innocence. A style with flames surrounding the cherry, on the other hand, speaks of passion, desire and lust.


While the usual color options for cherry tattoos are pink and red, users can also go for ‘one-of-a-kind’ shades like blue, green, and black. It is up to you, whether you want to have a Bing cherry, a maraschino cherry, or a dyed maraschino cherry on your body.

Cherry Tattoos For Women

Due to its connotations, cherry tattoos are generally seen on women. Due to its sexual connotations, women have cherry tattoos on their pelvis, hips, and lower back, near the butt.

Apart from sexuality, these tattoos also denote youth. If a lady has a tattoo of a cherry still attached to the stem, it means freshness, as stem cherries are usually juicy and fresh.

If you are a woman hoping to get this tattoo, make sure you know its meaning. Due to their sexual associations, you may be offended if you decide to flaunt this tattoo to onlookers.

Cherry Tattoos For Men

Although this style of tattoo is considered feminine, men also choose this design for its many symbolisms. On the one hand, a collection of cherries can show the conquest and the sexual fulfillment of the man. Some designs, on the other hand, embody man’s past lovers.

Another great style for men is the flaming cherry. It represents the youthful desire and the need to explore the different possibilities of the world.

Whether you are male or female, this type of tattoo is a logical choice for your new body ink. With its many connotations, you are sure to choose a design that suits your personality.

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