Regulations on testing and medical isolation still make cargo drivers passive

The driver’s failure to understand the regulations for medical declaration before entering Hanoi also increased congestion at Hanoi’s gateways on July 20 – Photo: NAM TRAN

Opinions that the validity period of a negative test certificate for COVID-19 within 72 hours as prescribed by the Ministry of Health is short, making businesses and drivers passive and costly.

Many localities require drivers returning from epidemic areas to quarantine despite having negative test results. Many localities only recognize test results by RT-PCR method…

In addition, the interpretation of document No. 5753/BYT-MT dated July 19, 2021 of the Ministry of Health on testing with cargo drivers is not really consistent, such as: Is it necessary to check the test paper with the vehicle? moving between adjacent provinces apply directive 16 or not? Who is free to test?

Meanwhile, workers in the transport sector are still not in the top priority group to receive vaccines.

In addition, some localities have not actively prepared and developed plans to organize transportation, regulate traffic, and control vehicles in the distance according to Directive 16. This leads to prolonged congestion. when urgently applying control of people entering the locality such as Hanoi, Hai Phong recently…

Sharing difficulties with localities that are straining against the epidemic, Minister of Transport Nguyen Van The requested the Ministry’s units when issuing instructions to be specific, clear, ensuring high consistency when issuing instructions. implementation implementation.

Departments of transportation need to improve the initiative in exchanging and asking questions when they do not understand to agree on the application of regulations in the same conditions of social distancing, so that freight transport is not interrupted…

Mr. The suggested that localities must understand clearly that the issuance of passports by QR code only applies to vehicles going to and from localities applying Directive 16, avoiding the issuance of incorrect objects that arise additional procedures for businesses. occupation and driving.

For localities that have not yet applied Directive 16, Mr. The suggested that they should actively develop plans to organize traffic to always be in a state of readiness. When deploying, there should also be a “prediction” for transport businesses and drivers to know and obey.

In order to clarify the health regulations for drivers, Mr. The assigned Deputy Minister Le Anh Tuan on the morning of July 22 to work directly with the Ministry of Health to clarify the regulations in document 5753 and continue to consult with the Ministry of Health. proposal to extend the validity of COVID-19 test certificates for drivers.

Regarding the congestion at the gateways of Hanoi and Hai Phong in the past 2 days, the two localities said that due to the application of strict principles to control the disease. Meanwhile, a very large number of vehicles are moving to the city, but the driver has not yet understood the new regulations, so it takes time to check the driver’s test certificate, support testing for the driver and issue a driving license. act…

The two cities have studied the instructions of the Ministry of Transport and changed the method of epidemic control such as issuing vehicle identification cards through software; widely inform about medical requirements for drivers to proactively test, conduct probability checks…

Hanoi has set up a green channel, issued identification cards to more than 1,117 incoming vehicles, and granted priority logos to vehicles carrying perishable goods. prolonged.



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