Scrap inventory has not yet been re-exported

According to the HCM City Customs Department, the total amount of scrap inventory at ports in the area is more than 2,000 containers, of which nearly 1,100 containers are forced to re-export. It has been more than 30 days since the General Department of Customs requested the handling, only one shipping company is allowed to re-export 39 containers from 2 ports, Cat Lai and ICD.

Processing delay

Nearly 1,100 containers of scrap have been stuck at the port since the end of 2017 due to not meeting the standards of import into Vietnam. On October 22, 2019, the General Department of Customs issued Document 6632 on handling backlogged scrap goods, and at the same time providing guidance on the re-export of scrap that did not meet national standards according to Circular 41. Early July Recently, the General Department of Customs continued to issue Document 4589 requesting the Customs Departments of provinces and cities to make a list of container numbers, seal numbers (seals) and a list of shipping lines, shipping agents to request re-export. and send reports to the General Department of Customs to check the list of waste containers that do not meet import conditions into Vietnam and establish management criteria. After that, the General Department of Customs will have written instructions for the Customs Departments of provinces and cities to monitor the re-export of these backlogged scrap containers out of the territory of Vietnam.

Following the above directive, on August 19, the Customs Department of Ho Chi Minh City sent an official request to shipping lines to re-export unsatisfactory scrap containers within 30 days; Some shipping lines have sent documents asking for re-export. However, more than 1 month has passed, except for Yangming shipping line which was re-exported 39 containers, no shipping lines have received any response from the customs authorities.

In a letter applying for re-export of backlogged goods to the customs authority, MSC Company proposed to re-export 22 containers of backlogged goods by means of transfer to another shipping line’s container. This company also has a written commitment to re-export all backlogged consignments identified as hazardous wastes and scraps that do not meet national technical regulations on environment out of the territory of Vietnam. In the same situation, the shipping company Evergreen Vietnam also sent a request to re-export 8 containers of scrap cargo at Cat Lai port to Hong Kong (China) by ship. Similarly, HMM Shipping Vietnam has sent an official letter to re-export 69 containers of scrap from September 8, but has passed the 30-day deadline, the company has to change its re-export plan and continue. wait.

A lot of scrap containers are left in stock at Cat Lai port (HCMC) waiting to be re-exported. Photo: HOANG Trieu

For longer, more damage

An authorized unit of shipping lines said it is waiting for the opinion of the General Department of Customs to re-export procedures for 500 containers of scrap. “The longer the time to stay at the port, the more damage by the shipping company because the cost of managing and storing the container … is very expensive; on average, it has to pay 1.5 USD / day / container” – this unit informed believe.

The delay and prolongation of the processing time compared with the request of the General Department of Customs made shipping lines impatient. The shipping lines wondered why they had not been resolved, while there were instructions from senior management agencies, the shipping lines actively proposed to be re-exported. “The policy of re-exporting scrap does not meet national standards since 2019, why does the General Department of Customs not set the criteria, but only when the Customs Departments of the provinces and cities issue a document to force re-export within Only 30 days will have a written request to report to the General Department of Customs for research and guidance. We want to know how long this will last? ” – An urgent shipping company representative.

Also according to shipping lines, the customs authorities are concerned about the rotation of containers to import scrap that has just been re-exported into Vietnam again, but this case is not feasible. The reason is that customs has a list of containers that are forced to be re-exported; Before the ship arrives at the port, shipping lines have to transmit Manifest – the system to receive the cargo manifest (scrap only has to add E-scrap – the waste tracking management program) to the customs, so it is impossible to have a job. Goods forced to re-export to the port. In addition, shipping lines also do not allow those containers to return to Vietnamese ports because it is not profitable. The case of changing the container to bring this scrap back to Vietnam is also not feasible because the cost of customs clearance and transferring to overseas containers is very high, about 3,000-5,000 USD / container, not including the cost of betting on containers for scrap. material is 5,000 USD / container, so there are almost no shipping lines accepting to transport scrap at this time.

“Residual scrap causes great damage to shipping lines because they have to pay container storage costs, cannot put container shells into operation, port enterprises are occupied. Therefore, shipping lines want the General Department of Hai. The agency soon has a quick and scientific decision so that shipping lines can re-export substandard scrap out of Vietnam “- a recommendation of a shipping company representative.

15 shipping lines have no plan to re-export 615 containers

Mr. Nguyen Thanh Long, Deputy Director of Saigon Port Zone 1 Customs Branch, said that after signing a notice to 30 shipping lines asking the shipping lines to have plans to transport backlogged goods, Scraps out of Vietnam, so far only 39 out of 1,099 containers have been re-exported. 15 shipping lines, shipping agents in Vietnam have also sent an official letter to the Saigon Port Region 1 Customs Branch on the plan to handle backlogged goods as scrap. In which, there are 5 shipping lines proposing to destroy or request the customs authority to guide the plan to handle 67 containers, 10 shipping lines have plans to re-export 417 containers (in which the number of containers that the shipping line / agent re-export by itself is 279, the number of containers that shipping lines changed their shells to other shipping lines for re-export was 116 containers, the rest requested to destroy 22 containers). 15 shipping lines have not had plans to re-export 615 containers.

“All plans as well as recommendations to re-export scrap inventories that shipping lines have reported have been reported to the Customs Management Supervision Department under the Customs Department of Ho Chi Minh City to synthesize the report. Customs Department and waiting for instructions from superior management agencies Saigon Port Region 1 Customs Branch hopes that the General Department of Vietnam Customs will soon provide guidance and guidance to resolve shipping lines. judgment and ask for re-export “- Mr. Long said.

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