Search the account owner who posted the information ‘tracking down a male lewd woman in Thu Duc’

Information spread on social networks and caused a stir of public opinion – Photo: Screenshot

Day 4-5, the source of the Youth Online confirmed that Hiep Binh Chanh Ward Police, Thu Duc City (Ho Chi Minh City) had grasped the case of a social network account Facebook post information “track down a male lewd woman in Thu Duc.

After verified, Hiep Binh Chanh Ward police confirmed There is no case and there is no incident in the area of ​​the ward.

According to the source, Hiep Binh Chanh Ward police have discussed with the cybersecurity forces to verify and examine the above account holder for clarification.

Before that, on the social network Facebook has a personal account name QTTh. Post information with content Find a woman named H., 35 years old, residing in Hiep Binh Chanh ward, Thu Duc city about this person seducing and rape against a woman. 14-year-old male student in his own home and is fleeing.

This account also stated On May 1, H. invited a male student to be named Đ. to a private house. After that, H. had a detention and lewd behavior in the bedroom, causing the victim to bleed in his vagina, exhausted.

In the article stated sAfter the incident, H. took the male student to the hospital and left. When his family reported to the police, H. locked the house and fled to the locality.

There is a sign of slander

According to lawyer Tran Minh Cuong (Ho Chi Minh City Bar Association), the Facebook page’s owner posted the above information with signs of providing, sharing fake information, false information, distorting, slander , offending the reputation, honor and dignity of individuals, in particular those mentioned in the article.

“Decree 15/2020 / ND-CP regulates the abuse of social networks to provide, share fake information, false information, misrepresent, slander, offend the reputation of the body. Agency, organization, honor and dignity of individuals will be fined from 10 million VND to 20 million ”- Lawyer Cuong analyzed.

Also according to lawyer Cuong, for individuals who create false information and spread that information on social networks to offend the honor of others, there are signs of slander under the current Criminal Code. onions.

“In this case, people who are posted online images and personal information to defame or tell the wrong facts can report to the police to protect their legitimate rights and interests” – said lawyer Cuong. .



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