Securities companies reopen the feature of editing and canceling orders

Accordingly, VN-Index also turned to gain quite well. Specifically, VN-Index closed up 13.2 points to 1,332.9 points; HNX-Index rose 10.49 points to 316.87 points.

The total trading value of this session decreased by nearly 10% compared to the previous session, with the total trading value on the two exchanges only about 29,400 billion VND.

Announcement to reopen the feature of editing and canceling orders of a securities company

VP Bank Securities Company (VPS) announced to open the feature of editing and canceling orders on HOSE. However, this company still advises customers to limit editing and cancel orders to reduce the pressure on the system.

Previously, because the system was overloaded on HOSE, some securities companies, from recommending investors to limit editing and canceling orders, switched to blocking this feature, making investors angry.

In particular, investors question whether or not securities companies are allowed to correct and cancel orders and investors are not, said Le Hai Tra, General Director of HOSE, said that the regulator and both HOSE has thoroughly understood and does not allow member securities companies to do this.

Currently, HOSE is monitoring very closely. Previously, securities companies also committed to equal compliance with all investors if they applied to stop modifying or canceling orders.

Explaining more about the past two sessions of June 7-8, many investors were upset when they had to place orders in a “blind” state because they could not follow the electronic board and trade when the order was returned very slowly, as well as Prices shown are not updated.

Mr. Le Hai Tra said that because the overload occurred, the design feature of the system is to prioritize paying the matching price information first, the calculation information for the whole market to be paid after the system can respond. For this reason, market orders (MPs) are used by many investors even though the buying and selling prices may not be as desired.

Mr. Tra also affirmed that HOSE has done all it can for the common good of the market. HOSE leaders are willing to take responsibility before competent authorities.

Also today, the Ho Chi Minh City Stock Exchange (HOSE) has sent notices to securities companies about starting a test connection of the KRX system on June 14.

Accordingly, on June 11, HOSE will send technical specifications through the forum to securities companies, so that from June 14 to July 23, the connection will be tested.

From July 26 to 6-8 functional testing, in which securities companies connect to the new system of HOSE from 8:30 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. on weekdays.

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