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Seductive mind control for easy attraction

When most guys approach a pretty girl, they think they have a chance to “impress” her.

We’ve been told that pretty girls are approached all the time, and that they’re so bored with innuendo that it will take some Hollywood Superstar or world-class car racing to catch their interest.

So if you just finished your shift at McDonalds, you don’t have much of a chance, do you? You’d better come up with a magic phrase that will really impress her, right? You better be so ultra arrogant and funny that she suddenly forgets about all those other guys, right?

Not so fast.

Yes, it is true that they get very close to pretty girls. But this in itself is a kind of myth. It is a myth promoted by “gurus” who sell expensive courses. After all, if cute girls really came around all day, you’d better have some crazy skills, right?

But in truth, a lot of pretty girls don’t get approached at all. Since most of the guys aren’t rock stars or race car drivers, they all think they’d be shot down anyway.

In fact, if you have super hot friends, chances are they’ll check it out. Most men are quite shy around beautiful women.

Sure, the guys check on them all day like they’re the last woman on Earth.

But being checked and being contacted are two different things.

So just by walking up to her and starting a normal conversation, you’re already ahead of most guys.

And when you talk to him the right way, you’re good as gold.

But don’t make the mistake of trying to impress her.

If you do this, you will put yourself in the same category as all the other drooling clowns.

Most guys throw statistics on themselves and hope to get some kind of “reward”.

Instead, consider sharing with her the aspects of yourself and your life that you really like and appreciate about yourself.

And discover the aspects of your life that you like and really appreciate about yourself.

After all, attraction is based on feelings. Not things. Not statistics. Not achievements.

Sure, some things can “cause” attraction, but why not get straight to the point?

With the right language patterns and the right mindset, “impressing” her will be easy, natural, and part of who you are.

They may seem a bit strange at first, but she won’t know what hit her.

Later she will tell her friends those romantic things that girls love to talk about.

How it just “happened” and she doesn’t know why she likes you so much.

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