Self-tests, canteens, exams, teachers’ vaccination … Jean-Michel Blanquer’s “8h30 franceinfo”

Jean-Michel Blanquer, Minister of National Education was the guest of “8:30 am franceinfo”, Friday April 23, 2021. (FRANCEINFO / RADIOFRANCE)

Jean-Michel Blanquer, Minister of National Education, Youth and Sports, was the guest of “8:30 am franceinfo”, Friday April 23, 2021. Self-tests, canteens, exams, vaccination of teachers … He answers questions by Lorrain Sénéchal and Salhia Brakhlia.

Self-tests in high schools: “It’s not something very complicated”

The unions of teachers and school doctors are worried about the conditions of supervision of high school students in training for the Covid-19 self-tests, which will be deployed on May 10, a week after the resumption of classes. “It’s just a matter of supervising, it’s not something very complicated”, answers them Jean-Michel Blanquer. “We do things smoothly”, he assures. “On May 3, you will have the self-tests for adults. So teachers, for example, who work in high school will have these self-tests at home.”, explains the Minister of National Education.

Jean-Michel Blanquer also highlights tutorials that “from now on explain how it works. The high school students will be prepared for this and from the week of May 10, they will be able to do it in their establishment with competent staff, volunteers, to support them in carrying out the self-test.”

“Having your child at home for lunch is better”

The reopening of schools is scheduled for April 26, after a three-week closure to curb the epidemic. “When you can have your child at home for lunch, it’s better”, says Jean-Michel Blanquer. “This is not completely new, but it is true that we can underline this recommendation. It is also good so that there are fewer children in the canteen, that it is the children who most in need who can benefit from the canteen “, continues the Minister of National Education.

The canteens, “It is the weak link, not of the sanitary protocol but of daily life, as for all of us. The canteen, from this point of view, is no more the weak link than other times when child eats. But the fact is that for many children, it is the time of a balanced meal that is important for their health. There is a social issue and an issue of health “, adds Jean-Michel Blanquer.

Bac, BTS: “The rule is benevolence”

Teachers, high school students and students are worried about the conduct of the baccalaureate and BTS exams, which will take place in tense sanitary conditions because of the coronavirus epidemic. “The rule is benevolence for students. We must guarantee them the value of the diploma and support them in their success”, Jean-Michel Blanquer. “If you take the baccalaureate, for example, we maintain a part of terminal control. We have accentuated the continuous control a little and in my opinion, it is very good that there is a part of continuous control and a part of control. terminal”, estimates the Minister of National Education.

Jean-Michel Blanquer specifies that BTS students will have “a catch-up session so that they can, at the beginning of July, if they could not come for health reasons or even if they did not succeed during the next session so that they can succeed on the base an oral presentation that will take into account the difficulties they had. “

Teachers will be able to get vaccinated “a little faster than everyone else”

All teachers will be able to get vaccinated “a little faster than everyone”, assures Jean-Michel Blanquer, while for the moment only those over 55 are concerned. “This will obviously happen in May, for the next waves.” explains the Minister of National Education.

Jean-Michel Blanquer defends the vaccine strategy established by the government: “The main principle is to go from the most vulnerable to the least vulnerable and come to articulate a professional strategy. It was first the caregivers. Now it is the teachers who have a sort of short-circuit. possible with the system we have put in place for those over 55. Soon, there will be those over 50 in charge of disabled and kindergarten students. We will announce the dates probably very soon. “

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