Seven technological devices to avoid freezing cold with the storm Filomena

In the heat of the storm Filomena and with the mercury beating minimums in the country, finding sources of heat, either to heat the home or taking a walk, has become a priority. Beyond stoves, blankets and any other type of traditional solution to face the cold, there are a number of technological devices that can be of great help. We have prepared a selection of seven of them with which we will be able to face this freezing storm, whether at home, at the office or even going on a field trip.

The thermostat is an essential element that allows the control of the boiler or heating system, turning it on or off depending on the temperature inside. This maxim is simple, but its management does not have to be so: is it necessary to get home when it is freezing and have to wait for it to warm up once the heating is turned on? Do we have to suffer every morning on the way to the shower for the same reason? Do we efficiently manage the heating by controlling the temperature ourselves?

These and other questions are answered precisely by an intelligent thermostat, whose intelligence It comes precisely from learning user behavior thanks to a sophisticated algorithm that takes several elements into account. Nest —now owned by Google— was one of the pioneering brands in developing self-managing thermostats; that is, it turns on and off automatically depending on the presence of people at home, on air conditioning habits and knowing how long it takes for the boiler to reach the comfort temperature. Its creators claim that their system saves its owners around 39,000 kWh worldwide.

A smart thermostat offers many advantages, but it has two notable disadvantages that must be taken into account: its high price and the need to be connected to a wireless network. The first does not need much explanation and the second can be a problem in second homes, bungalows or holiday homes that are partially occupied after the year. Heating a house in the village the day before our arrival can be essential to make the most of a getaway, and fortunately, it can be done thanks to the T4-GSM socket.

This device is nothing more than a plug connected to the internet thanks to a prepaid SIM and allows it to be switched on and off remotely from the mobile. The basic idea is that when you turn on the plug, you turn off the heat and start heating up the house.

Another advantage of this device is that it has a sensor that will show the current room temperature on the screen so that we can heat the house to the desired point and then turn off the heating remotely. If the heating system is through individual electric stoves, T4-GSM allows you to connect up to four additional plugs that are managed from the first.

Dyson is a pioneering brand in terms of technology, with products that seem to have been escaped from an inventors conference. His creations have a high satisfaction rate from his customers, which is translating into a spectacular growth of the company. And one of the most popular products is its futuristic heater-purifier, which while air conditioning, cleans the environment of pollutants and harmful gases, thanks to its integrated carbon and HEPA filters that must be replaced with use.

Dyson was precisely the brand that has sounded the alarm during these times of confinement: the big data harvested by its units distributed by all homes reveals that the environment inside our homes is more polluted during the pandemic, for obvious reasons. Buyers of this high-end product will receive in their homes a futuristic device that, connected to a mobile application, will begin to clean and heat the room to the desired temperature.

Using the mobile with temperatures close to zero, or directly negative, is a drink that not everyone is willing to spend. But the intense cold does not have to be an impediment to use the mobile with absolute normality in winter, and yes, touch gloves – those with the capacity to allow the use of touch screens – have existed on the market for years, but the new ones fabrics offer far superior performance. Previously, the main problem with this accessory was that the surface with tactile capacity was very limited to certain areas of the fingers; on the other hand, these gloves were not prepared for really low temperatures.

The Dutch manufacturer Mujjo solves both problems with a new generation of gloves with double insulation layer and a wide surface with tactile capacity that makes the use of the mobile totally natural. In terms of insulation, these gloves have three layers of protection to which a 3M Thinsulate outer layer has been added that protects them from the elements. Mujjo has adapted the fabric that covers the thumb to adapt it to the measurements of the large touch screens that are now carried.

Gloves are always an excellent option when what you want is to prevent your hands from freezing and that inclement weather forces us to put them in our pockets. But … what happens when we already have these numb limbs and are unable to operate with them? The solution is apparently easy: just heating them is enough; However, we do not always have a source of heat nearby to turn to, and this is not only applicable outdoors: our hands can also freeze at work.

Zippo solves this problem in a creative and practical way with a product that is highly represented in its catalog: the hand warmers. These are pocket batteries that when squeezed, generate enough heat to warm the hands, either at work or in outdoor activities, and do so for no less than nine hours. This ingenious product offers a double function, since its load can be used to power, through the USB port, the mobile or any other device that accompanies us.

Heated clothing is not new, but it is not usually a common purchase object in our country. This is not the case in the United States, where a manufacturer, Ororo, has established its business around clothing that is heated by rechargeable batteries. An excellent example of this is its jacket, which accumulates hundreds of positive votes among its buyers on Amazon and in the manufacturer’s own store (in our country, they can be purchased through the former).

What advantages does a heated jacket offer compared to a conventional one? The first and most obvious is that it is the user himself who determines how much heat he needs: these garments come with three levels of heating, so that one can use different heat at the end of the day depending on the need. The other great advantage is that they take up very little space (something to take into account when traveling), and that they can be used all year round due to their versatility. The manufacturer has ensured that they are waterproof and the battery can be removed to wash the garment in the washing machine without problems.

Can you imagine a bed that makes itself? And what has an air conditioning system with which we can choose the temperature through an application? This dream was made reality by Smartduvet, a brand that dedicates its business to marketing a quilt around the world that, using an air chamber that stretches the fabric, works the miracle of making the bed “make itself”. But this camera has another function that makes it really interesting: that of air conditioning the bed.

Through an application, the user can determine if he wants his bed to be warm in winter or cold in summer, and what is more interesting, he can divide two areas of the bed, so that there are no couple arguments. This system reduces perspiration, on the one hand, and avoids humidity, with which its promoters ensure that it is more hygienic than the traditional quilt. It can be purchased from the manufacturer’s website with home delivery worldwide.



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