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Sexual stamina: here are 3 powerful sexual tips to help you last longer in bed and satisfy your woman

To satisfy your woman, you need to have sexual confidence. It’s a fact: women love a man who exudes sexual confidence.

To be sexually confident you need to have control over your “tool.” Men who can’t last long almost always lack sexual confidence and can’t fully please their woman.

So if you want to improve your sexual stamina, here are 5 sexual tips to help you last longer in bed tonight…

Use these tips to help you last longer and boost your sexual confidence (your woman will love it).

1. Choose your sexual positions wisely

Some sexual positions are much easier to last longer than others. For example, the doggy style position is difficult to last very long and makes most men cum very quickly.

So, don’t start out in doggy style when you take your lady into the bedroom if you want to last a long time (although it’s good for a “quickie”).

If you want to last a long time, try to get your woman on top.

When your woman is on top, your penis is less stimulated than in many other positions and this will allow you to last longer.

When your woman is on top, increase your pleasure by spanking her bottom. Spanking is very naughty and women love NAUGHTY sex.

2. Grind, don’t push

If you feel like you’re going to cum too soon and feel like you’re “approaching the point of no return,” take a few minutes to GRIND instead of thrusting all the time while having sex.

A grinding motion will stimulate your penis less than when you are thrusting and allow you to let your pleasure subside a bit.

Once your pleasure has subsided a bit and you no longer feel like you are going to come, you can go back to thrusting.

Grinding is an excellent option in the missionary position, since grinding will also stimulate your wife’s clitoris, giving her a lot of pleasure. Nice.

3. Stop and do something else

Many men see sex in an overly simplistic way. They think they have to do foreplay and then sex. And once they are having sex, they think they have to keep their penis inside their woman until they climax.

But that is simply not true.

An easy way to last longer is to take your “tool” out of your woman and use your fingers or tongue to pleasure her for a few minutes. Do this until she has an orgasm (use oral sex or the Deep Spot Method to give her an orgasm) and then have sex again.

Not only does this method allow you to last longer, but it also makes lovemaking more interesting for your woman because you never know what she’s going to do next.

Having control over your “tool” and being able to last long enough in the bedroom is an important skill to have. It will give you sexual confidence and your woman will love it.

However, never forget that mindlessly having sex for hours on end is not what your woman wants, she really wants orgasms (and lots of them).

If you asked ten women if they would like a man who could last 90 minutes but give them no orgasms, or a man who could last 30 minutes on average and give them 10 orgasms, they would all ask for the man who gave them 5 orgasms. Guaranteed.

So make sure you learn to last longer Y how to give your woman mind-blowing orgasms.

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